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Malta may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less special. In our opinion, it is even one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The city center of the capital Valletta is certainly a unique place that catapults you back in time. With three islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino), a week on site is enough to explore this island.

Transport in



In Malta you cannot use Uber but you can use Bolt. This application, which is mainly known for the rental of electronic scooters, works here in the same way as Uber. You can easily hire a taxi via the application. The prices are very similar to Uber. So a good alternative!

Rental car

Taking a rental car is also an option where you can explore this small country. Only you have to take into account that in Malta people drive on the left. In addition, parking in busy tourist places is not always possible. We do not think a rental car is suitable for visiting the islands. If you still want to rent a car, you can do this from €15 per day.


Many buses do not run in Malta, but they can take you to every place of interest. You can buy a ticket for the bus when boarding the bus. Please note: this must be in cash and preferably appropriate. If you want to see all the famous locations in one or two days, you can use the red hop-on-hop-off buses. These buses run a fixed round along all the beautiful places and you can get off and get back on whenever you want.


Malta consists of three islands. To go from one island to the other you will have to use a ferry. The price for such a ferry is around 5 euros for a return ticket. Anyone who also wants to transfer the car should already count on 20 euros. The ferry departs every day between 07:30 and 21:45. All information for booking a ferry can be found here.

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Is Malta an expensive country?

Is Malta an expensive country?

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Malta is a country that has many influences from Italy and Greece. So you will find some pasta and fish here. Although the Maltese cuisine is less healthy compared to the other Mediterranean countries because the food is fatter. In addition to fish, you can also get meat with pig, cow and rabbit as regional dishes. Some dishes that you should definitely try in Malta are Pastizzi (pastry with ricotta), Bigilla (a Maltese dip with garlic) and Ftira which is a bread that is even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to all that delicious food, you can also enjoy a delicious glass of wine in Malta. A wine that you will almost only be able to taste here because very little is done for export. In our opinion, the wine from Delicata Winemaker is highly recommended.

Tipping in Malta

In Malta, it is customary to tip 10 percent in restaurants. However, this is not mandatory. Taxi drivers then round up again, although this is not mandatory either. In fact, when using the Bolt application, it doesn’t get done more often than it does. And chamber maids are often given an amount from 2 euros. This is also not mandatory.

Power outlets in malta

Although this country is located in Europe, Malta has different electrical outlets than the other countries in this continent. Just like in England, 3 pins are used. So you will need a travel plug. In most hotels they offer this adapter and you do not have to make a purchase. It doesn’t hurt to ask in advance.


Malta is a very safe country with little crime. In fact, it is one of the countries where we have felt safest while travelling. All residents are therefore genuinely friendly and helpful. The only nuisance you can sometimes experience is from drunken young people (often tourists). In addition, the healthcare in Malta is of excellent quality and speaking English is no problem at all. Needing urgent care (urgent) is free and all other care would therefore be covered by your European health insurance.

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