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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Travel Reasons

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Sigrid and Bryan, both 25 years young and avid travelers. We love to discover new countries, soak up cultures and meet people. We are daring, dreamers and doers. When we go for something, we go for it 100%. This travel blog (formerly Roadtrippers of the Sun) is our life’s work that we work on day in and day out and which we are proud to present to you. Sigrid is the communicative and creative force behind the blog and our social media. Bryan is the driving force behind the technical side of this blog and he is also a professional photographer. In addition to our blog, we both work for the Online Marketing Bureau ROTS Creators . Here we give companies the online visibility they deserve.

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Travel Reasons

With our numerous readers – travelers from all over the world – we have a large audience to bring your company, product or service to the attention of a specific target group. Promotion on Instagram is also an option. And that’s not all. The article we create for you is accompanied by a perfectly written SEO text. In this we make the difference with other blogs and this always pays off. This significantly increases the findability of your website in Google. On top of this you also get professional photos for your own use. All messages are also placed on our social media channels, so that the message is seen by even more people. For a correct update of our statistics, it is best to request our media kit. Who knows, we might work together soon!


Of course you can approach us as a blogger. We enjoy working with companies (from the travel sector) that would like to put their company, product or service in the spotlight. We create an original blog article with accompanying professional photos. You can count on a professional layout and knowledge of SEO so that your message gets the necessary clicks. Due to our excellent knowledge of SEO , your website will automatically rank better in search results. A collaboration is without risk. You will almost always achieve the desired result. The content of the article is always in consultation. Let us know your wishes, so we can see how we can tackle a project together.

Content Creator

Besides writing articles, you can also ask us to create content for your company, product or service. This can be in the form of professional photography, but videos or drone photography are also possible. For all the available material that we work with, you can take a look at our material .
We can also fine-tune, manage and maintain your company's social media. We look for the target group of your product or service and gradually generate more likes and followers during our collaboration. We always do this in consultation and in close consultation with your company.


You can also ask us to come by as a speaker at your event. The topics we like to discuss are travel-related, life changes, life choices, social media, … The options are almost endless. We can also offer workshops with the theme “travel”. This can be about a specific destination, but also, for example, how you can start as a digital nomad.


Since we visit countless places in the world, after years we can also call ourselves specialists in assessing hotels or other places to stay, (customer) service, certain travel gadgets and other travel-related products and services. It can be useful to use this to better assess the competition and/or adjust your strategy accordingly. It is also always a good idea to know on which pillars you can focus more and what the weak points of your company are. In this way there is room for improvement and you can acquire more customers in the future. If you would like an independent assessment for your company, product or service, please contact us.

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