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how to choose a good spot on the Camping


on the Camping

Here are 4 tips that you should always keep in mind when choosing a good spot at the campsite. In fact, a bad spot at the campsite can cause a lot of problems and a lesser vacation.

1 Shadow

Choose the spot with the most shade. If you arrive in the morning, try to figure out how the sun will be at the hottest time of day. After all, at this time you don’t want your caravan/car/mobilhome or tent to be in the sun. A place surrounded by lots of trees, is always a good idea.

2 Flat

Choose a place on a mountain(s) or on a flat area. Never choose a place in a valley or pit, even if it is almost unnoticeable that it is a pit. This is because if it rains, water will always flow towards your vehicle if you are in a valley. So don’t do this! We had not done this the first time with all the consequences.

camping pitch
Volkswagen kamperen

3 Neighbours

Do you like children? Do you like ambiance? Or do you prefer peace and quiet? This is certainly important when choosing your pitch. Children or young people who like to go out can be disruptive to the -for you so important- peace. So look around before you choose your spot.

4 View

Choose a place where you feel comfortable. After all, you have to have a vacation feeling about it. Choose a spot where you have a view of greenery and not others’ vehicles, the street or a building. It may not bother you right away, but after a few days you will be bored of it and even annoyed by it.

A good pitch?

We hope you found these tips for a good pitch useful. Be sure to give your opinions and/or additions in the comments.

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