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6 Ultimate tips for those who want to camp in winter

Camping in


It’s getting a little colder again, so today we give you 6 ultimate tips for those who want to camp in winter. Because if you are going to travel in the winter with a caravan or motorhome, there are still some things you need to pay attention to. And those things we give you below in 6 tips.

1 Sufficient gas

Make sure you have enough gas in stock before you leave. And above all, keep in mind that you use more gas in the winter than in the summer! It might be useful to bring an electric fire to help you out of a jam if necessary.

2 Don't let your water pipes freeze

You should actually check this when you buy your caravan. If the water pipes are placed on the outside of the caravan, this caravan is not suitable for winter use! So when it does, it is best to change it. This may cost you a few dollars now but it will save you a lot of misery. If they do get frozen, a hair dryer can come in handy.

3 Lay out floor mats

Floor mats can provide additional insulation. And that can come in handy in the winter! Plus it’s cozy to walk on too.

4 A flue extension

Suppose it has been snowing heavily and on your caravan there is a 30 cm pack. Then you may find it helpful to have a chimney extension. This ensures that your regular chimney does not get clogged with snow. And that you don’t have to go out and shovel snow every 2 minutes.

5 Snow Chains

Also, don’t forget snow chains! Even if no snow is specified at your destination. In Europe, the weather and temperature can change quickly. And then you are reassured anyway.

6 Battery stove ignition

As a precaution, install a new battery in the stove ignition. It’s best to get a heat-resistant one from the dealer. You never know!

Camping in winter

So these were our 6 ultimate tips we use when traveling with our caravan in the winter. Do you have any other tips? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Still looking for more tips? Then be sure to check out our travel tips. Next Tuesday, a new batch of tips. See you then!

Camping in winter
camper in de winter

With the camper

in the winter

1 Check in advance

Checking a few things in advance is essential before you leave. The normal things, like checking the battery and radiator, are of course self-explanatory. But checking that you have enough antifreeze bee is just as important. Taking an extra jerry can with you therefore does not seem an unnecessary luxury. You should also check the oil level, of course. It is self-certified to use slightly thinner oil than usual. Putting oil between the door hinges is also a good idea.

2 Run the engine briefly every day

It’s also best for the battery that when the temperature is freezing, you run the motor of the camper for a while every day. Otherwise you have a chance of a flat battery, but also a chance of a reduced battery power or even a broken battery. And you can miss that when you travel.

3 Enough ventilation

When it’s cold outside and inside the RV the heater is running at full speed, you have a very good chance of condensation. Something you would like to avoid absolutely. So ventilating your entire RV enough is the message. Also, putting something under your mattress during the day to allow air underneath is not a bad plan. Because the mattress is one of the things that knows the fastest about this moisture. Installing a dehumidifier can also be done.

4 Check your toilet

When traveling with your RV in the winter, you should also check whether your RV water tank is under the insulated floor or or above it. If this is under your insulated floor, it is recommended that you fill your empty water tank with antifreeze that is specifically designed for RVs. Also, watch carefully that the tank is never full to prevent freezing.

You have any tips for traveling with an RV in the winter?

Do you have any tips for traveling with an RV in the winter? Feel free to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Still looking for more tips on traveling with a motorhome or caravan? Then be sure to check out the road trip category.

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