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5 tips to save on your caravan or motorhome trip


Caravan and Camper

Currently we are in the USA and who thinks of the USA, automatically thinks of roadtripping and that is exactly what we are doing. Therefore, there is nothing better than taking a nice road trip with your camper or caravan. Unfortunately, sometimes this can cost a bit and especially when you travel as long as we did. Therefore, we collected some tips to save on your trip with the caravan or motorhome. We are now happy to share these tips with you. Hopefully next time you can then save money on your trip with the caravan or motorhome!

1 The car

Good preparation for your trip is very important. For example, it’s best to first completely clean your car and take out everything that doesn’t belong in it. Indeed, less weight means less consumption in fuel. Another thing that can certainly help is to inflate your tires again (or have them inflated) so that your car bolts much better and also uses less fuel as a result. Should you rent a car abroad, pay close attention to the terms and conditions. Sometimes one car may be much cheaper than another, but a mileage fee may be charged. And then it often comes out more expensive! So check this carefully and above all do not decide too quickly. There’s plenty of choice.

2 Avoid toll roads

Avoiding toll roads is, in most cases, the best way to save money when traveling with a caravan or motorhome. We ourselves virtually never drive on toll roads and this has already brought us to many beautiful locations that we would not have seen otherwise. But of course you have to want it, because often this is a longer drive. Just be aware, it’s not always cheaper! Check carefully whether the cost of the toll road outweighs the extra fuel you will need. It is also best to check whether you need a road vignette for a country. If so, it is best to order it by computer. This will also save you a few dollars.

save on your trip with caravan or motorhome
road trip

3 Water

You should also not overload your caravan or motorhome with things that are not necessary. After all, you drag all that weight with you and thus cost you extra fuel. Take water, for example. Many people fill their water bottles and water containers completely full before they leave, but this is actually long overdue. At almost every campground these days, you can provide yourself with clean water. And often this clean water is included in the price of your camping pitch. So you save water at home and fuel on the road. So it’s worth taking into account.

4 CampingCard ACSI

Perhaps the best tip is the CampingCard ACSI. This card gives you discounts at 3300 affiliated campsites in the early or late season. You pay, after showing your card at the campsite, one of the low fixed rates 11, 13, 15, 17 or 19 euros. Often this can even save you half on the total amount. This map also comes with a convenient guidebook with all the campsites in it. You can easily purchase this card and guide for a small fee on the CampingCard website.

5 Wayfinding Actions

If you’re going to rent a motorhome or caravan yourself, in the USA for example, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are giveaways these days. These are companies that want to take their new RV from one city to another. And you can make use of that! These companies offer their RVs at a bargain price so you can take them from one city to another. Only your starting point and arrival point are fixed. In between, you get to choose what you do and where you go. For example, you can now take an RV for 17 days for $561/person, including your flights, and then take it from, say, Minneapolis to Los Angeles. A great price for a great road trip in a new camper. See for yourself here if there is a road trip promotion for your trip.

Travelling with a caravan

These were our tips for saving on your caravan or motorhome trip. Of course, there are other tips to be found. If you have any, we would love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Next Tuesday, there will be a whole load of new tips that might just make your next vacation a lot more enjoyable. See you then! If you still can’t wait until then, you can always take a look at our other travel tips.

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