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5 tips for a first trip with the motorhome

First trip

with the camper

Soon we will be leaving on another wonderful road trip through mountainous Austria. This time we are not doing this with our caravan but with a rented camper/mobilhome (something we recommend before buying one). And since this is our first time with an RV, we’ve listed a few things to look out for when traveling by RV for the first time. So please fill in if there are any other tips we could use. Have fun with these 5 tips for a first trip with the motorhome.

1 Choose the right camper

Everything starts with choosing the right RV for your type of trip. Consider, for example, the necessary driver’s license. You can drive most motorhomes with a regular B driver’s license but checking in advance for the correct driver’s license can’t hurt anyway. That comfort is present is, of course, normal. But if you go to the freezing cold like us, then you have to make sure that the rental company allows this and that the caravan is adapted to it.

2 Proper tires

Choosing the right tires may go without saying but it’s still best to check. Because many RV rental firms put 4 season tires on them, and that’s actually not that ideal. Especially not if you are traveling through ski resorts like us. Winter tires are then much more appropriate. Also, always check for snow chains, as they are mandatory in many “cold” countries. Some companies do not even allow you to apply them, which is reason enough to look for another company.

3 The right route

Planning the right route is also very important, even if you like some freedom like us. For example, we once planned our first road trip with the caravan jam-packed and our schedule was actually unrealistic. Which, in retrospect, is a shame. Also, if you’re going to be heading out in the winter, it’s best to already have some campsites booked, as some sites and campsites are closed in the winter. In the summer we never record this and use the application Park4night, something we don’t dare do now in the winter.

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4 Some terms

It may also be helpful to know some terms that can help you further on your first trip with the RV. For example, wastewater from the shower and sink is called “gray wastewater” and wastewater from your toilet is called “black wastewater. All things you’d better know in advance if you’re taking an RV vacation.

5 The right insurance policy

Having the right insurance when you drive an RV is very important. Of course, when renting an RV, this is usually taken care of right at the time of booking, but checking exactly what is included in the insurance isn’t a bad thing. You best check the part about injuries to you as a driver. Because that can sometimes be lacking in cheap insurance. For people who want to buy insurance for a self-bought motorhome, you can find some useful tips here.

veilig met de caravan
rijden caravan


with the caravan

Driving with a caravan attached to your car is not easy. It’s best to practice a few times in a parking lot before you hit the track. If you don’t have the time to learn it, be sure to keep these 5 tips in mind. They can mean the difference and make driving with a caravan easier and less dangerous Have fun with the 5 tips for driving safely with a caravan.

1 Drive slowly

This is perhaps one of the most important tips. Driving with a caravan means driving slowly. You can’t cruise like you normally do on the road. So don’t try this either! By driving slowly, you avoid accidents. You have to take into account that you can’t react as quickly or flexibly in certain situations. Therefore, drive slowly and keep your distance from other cars.

2 Purchase and use caravan mirrors

To have a good overview of the cars driving behind your caravan, you need caravan mirrors. In fact, it is mandatory in many countries to have these mirrors. It is also no trouble to use them. You just attach them to your car mirrors and you’re done! The only drawback is the cost. You quickly pay 50 euros for two mirrors.

3 Load your caravan in a balanced way

Loading your caravan properly and evenly can make a world of difference when you’re driving. Both left and right your caravan must be balanced, otherwise you have a chance of swaying on the road. Properly loaded also means the same amount of weight in the front of your caravan as in the back. Putting all your stuff in the back of the caravan is best not done because it will cost your car too much effort to pull it along. Better still is to keep your caravan as light as possible and put the heaviest stuff in your car. Thus, you will be able to drive up mountains more easily. And prevent swaying of the car. The pressure on your car can be measured with a ball pressure gauge that you can get online.

4 Do not overtake other cars

It is unnecessary and not really useful to start overtaking other cars when driving with a caravan. Most of the time, you can’t even keep up with the pace of cars that aren’t pulling anything. It is best to stay in the right lane and preferably behind a truck. Our final tip elaborates on this.

5 Keep driving behind a truck

If possible, driving behind a truck on the highway is an option.v These usually have a lot of driving experience and can set the pace. Especially on mountains, it is recommended to just stay behind a truck, it determines in which gear you drive the best up the mountain. Have fun on your first trip with the RV!

Hopefully you will keep these tips in mind the next time you drive your caravan. You can also always check out pasar for additional information.

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