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4 Essential Travel Tips for All Those Who Want to Go on a Road Trip

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This week we launched our win promotion for the book “On a Roadtrip” and as our name suggests, we also like to go on road trips. We have some experience with this and that’s why today we are happy to give 4 essential travel tips for all those who want to go on a road trip. These are 4 things you should definitely consider on the road.

1 Comfort

A first important thing to consider for all those who want to go on a road trip is that your comfort level will be lower. You are on the road a lot in the car, will often spend the night in small spaces and take breaks on the side of the road. Therefore, make sure you can do all these things in as much comfort as possible. It can help to have certain items with you that will make you more comfortable. Buy a decent travel pillow, install an electric cooler in your car, and occasionally book a comfortable hotel to stay in. After all, your comfort on the road itself will be kept to a minimum. But just because you have to make concessions in comfort doesn’t mean the experience will be any less. Quite the opposite! Stepping out of your comfort zone (get it?) can be very enriching!

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2 Route

Another important point is to map out your route in advance. It will save you a lot of miles and money if you fix your route in advance. For example, you can calculate the quickest or shortest route and also factor in all your refueling. This gives a better overall picture in advance than leaving impulsively without a plan. The latter can also be fun, but it will cost you more money. The good thing about planning your route in advance is also that you know where you can stop along the way and book an overnight stay if necessary. In many places, hotels are already fully booked on the day itself, so you have to look for another place to sleep last minute. And that’s a worry you’d rather spare yourself.

3 Breaks

On a road trip, you are on the road a lot with the car. Therefore, an important part is to take adequate and timely breaks. It is best to agree in advance with your travel partner every few miles to take a break. And try to stick to this too! Often you think, “I’ll ride on for a while” or “Another 20 kilometers and I’ll rest,” but in most cases you are already tired at that point. And driving when tired is life-threatening. So be careful with it! And plan and stick to your rest breaks every few miles. Also, don’t drive for more than a few hours a day without sleeping. This too is life threatening and therefore to be avoided.

4 Enjoying

The beauty of a road trip is that you get to see many different places. You can stop wherever you want and you don’t have to consider time. So a final important tip when taking a road trip is to enjoy it very hard. It’s such a fun way to travel. You feel free as a bird and only have to consider your travel partner. So be sure to enjoy the time you spend on the road! It may be the last time you will visit all these places. That’s what makes a road trip so nice and unique!

Are you going on a roadtrip?

Do you go on roadtrips sometimes? Or have you been on a road trip this summer? Share your experience via the comments! We are very curious to hear your travel stories and perhaps essential travel tips.

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