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Earn money with your holiday photos – Our Tips

To make money

with holiday photos

Travel can sometimes cost a bit and we are massively looking for the cheapest flights and affordable hotels. But did you know that you can also earn a few cents from your holiday photos? We show you what the possibilities are. Please note, the photo must be of excellent quality. And most photos taken with a smartphone do not meet these requirements. Investing in a decent camera is therefore recommended.

Stock Photos

Getting rich selling your photos on stock websites is not going to happen. It is, however, an opportunity to earn a few cents. You place your own photos here, which can then be downloaded by companies that need them. Companies then pay for this photo, so that you also earn something from it. Unfortunately, the amounts for these photos are very low. Sometimes you only get 10 cents per photo. So if you want to earn a lot from this, you will also have to upload a lot of holiday photos. The advantage is that once the photo is on it, it will remain forever. Some well-known websites where you can sell stock photos are Shutterstock , iStock , abobe stock and Getty Images

Photo contests

Maybe his photo contests aren’t the best way to start making cash with your vacation photos right away. But you can win some nice prizes with it. You can find many photo contests online. Were you able to take a special photo? Then you can participate in various photo competitions with which you can win a prize or voucher. In some cases the prize is cash, but this is very rare and often only reserved for professionals. Please note that for some competitions registration fees have to be paid! Websites that collect these photo contests are and
Geld verdienen met vakantiefoto's
Stock Photos

Sell online

You can also sell your photos online apart from stock photo websites, but with websites like Werkaandemuur . Here you can have photos printed on canvas. The advantage? Your profit margin is much greater than with stock photos. And the creation and shipping process is handled by the website itself. So you only have to upload your photo and maybe also promote something. The nice thing about this website is that you can set your own profit margin. This way of working certainly works if you have beautiful photos in high resolution!


If you create an Instagram account with your most beautiful photos, you may get a lot of followers. Although the photos must also be of excellent quality here! When these followers are there, companies will contact you to either promote their company or take pictures of the company. This can be an ordinary company but also a tourist service. Admittedly, this way of making money from your vacation photos is not easy and rather exceptional. But he who does not venture, does not win!

Organize an exhibition

Are your photos of a very high quality and do you already have some fans of your work? Then you can always organize an exhibition. For this you ask an entrance fee or you make the entrance free but you sell photos on the spot. You can tackle this big, but then you will also have a bigger cost or you can tackle this smaller. Being original is recommended here! But again: if you want to use this revenue model, you will have to have very high quality photos. Then you are actually already professionally involved in photography.


When you travel for a long time, it is quite normal to argue every now and then. It is even normal to argue more often than at home. It’s usually little annoyances that come up from being together for so long that lead to an argument. So you can avoid quarrels a lot by inserting some more me-time and breaks, but never quarreling is inevitable. As long as these fights don’t last, everything is fine. So try to resolve an argument as quickly as possible by talking to each other and being tolerant. After all, you have to make up for it quickly, otherwise your onward journey will be of no use. Let stubbornness give way to tolerance. Nobody is perfect and when you travel you get to know each other completely. The pluses, but also the downsides.

Are you going on a world trip as a couple?

These were our methods and favorites for monetizing your vacation photos. But now we are of course curious what you all do with your photos? Be sure to let us know in the comments . Any questions can also be asked here. And for more tips on shooting, check out our photography category

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