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5 tips to protect your photos while traveling

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Most people today take a lot of photos when traveling. Losing these holiday photos would be a disaster! And certainly if you shoot for a professional purpose. That’s why we give you some tips to protect your equipment and photos while traveling.

1 Put everything online right away

If you take your laptop with you when you travel, it is best that you put your photos on here every day. Of course, anything can happen with this, so it’s best that you upload it online (if there is wifi of course). For example, we always put our photos on Google Photos, which works very quickly and easily. And especially because it also automatically syncs with our smartphone. Of course, there are other options such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

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2 External hard drive

Don’t have a laptop with you? No problem, you can also buy an external hard drive so that you can put your photos on it. These external hard drives do not have to be large and can therefore always be kept close to you. You can usually find a hard drive in any electrical store. We advise you not to immediately take the cheapest one, because quality is important! You do not want these to be lost at the end of the holiday.

3 Divide your storage material

When traveling, distribute all your material where your photos are stored . Because it would be incredibly annoying to put your camera and your hard drive together in your hand luggage , for example. If this is lost, you will also lose both things and therefore all your photos. So divide all your storage material among all your luggage. But keep the most precious close to you. This is perhaps the most important tip for protecting your photos while traveling.

4 Not too noticeable

Your camera can of course also be stolen . And if this is after a very nice day where you have taken beautiful pictures, then that is very unfortunate. So don’t carry your camera too conspicuously, and certainly not in poor countries. Avoid an overpriced bag that stands out and carry your camera in a regular backpack. When you take out your camera, always hang it around your neck and not around your arm, because this is very easy to take off by thieves on mopeds or bicycles.

5 Store it correctly when sleeping

Store your belongings properly while sleeping, preferably in a safe. And here too it is best not to put everything together and put your hard drive and your camera in a different place if possible. Are you going by night train, boat or bus? Then at best you use your camera bag as a pillow. Or under your coat or blanket. This not only deters thieves, but the chance that you will catch them stealing is so much greater.

What do you do with your photos when traveling?

What do you do to protect your photos while traveling? Additional tips are always welcome! So be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page .

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