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These 6 destinations you need to add to your bucket list now!

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Perhaps your bucket list -a list of countries you would like to have visited in your lifetime- is enormously long. It is no different with us. We can make the choice a little easier for you by recommending a few countries that are must visits because of various factors. At least once in your life you must visit these countries. Why? You can read it here!

1 South Africa

If you haven’t been to South Africa before, you don’t know what to expect. Everyone speaks positively about it and you may think this is an exaggeration. But it really isn’t. You can’t actually explain how beautiful South Africa really is. The views there are breathtakingly beautiful and seeing the animals in the wild gives an indescribable feeling. Furthermore, cities like Cape Town are a revelation for people who don’t like cities very much. There is so much to see and do that you may want to return to South Africa after a first time.

2 Mexico

It may not surprise you when we say that Mexico is our favorite destination in the world. The beautiful beaches and impressive culture combine to make this a special country. Nowhere else in the world does this tremendous hospitality and specific culture occur. The food there is delicious, the temperatures usually warm, the atmosphere always good and the nature and Mayan ruins unimaginable. A trip to Mexico is a total experience.

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3 Jordan

Not before have we found anyone who has anything negative to say about Jordan. Everyone is blazing with excitement. Also us. This underrated country has so much to offer and no doubt belongs on your bucket list! From a very welcoming culture to the most photogenic places. There is also a wonder of the world – Petra – to visit. And that is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. A small country with many impressive views to explore.

4 Italy

If there is one country in Europe that you must visit and put on your bucket list, we think it is Italy. You can find millions of reasons why you should go to Italy but the most convincing are the exquisite food, the fantastic cities and the most charming villages on the coast. In Italy, you can experience so many different landscapes and seasons that it is great to be there at any time of the year. The South is completely different from the North and both are beautiful. A country you must have seen at least once in your life and preferably through a breathtaking road trip. That way you can see a lot more at once!

5 Peru

We recently traveled to Peru and that experience will stay with us for the rest of our lives. It’s a beautiful and diverse country. There are so many different climates and landscapes to experience. From desert to sea to mountains. The least you can say about Peru is that it is a challenging country for all lovers of nature, hiking, mountains, trekking, etc. Also, Peruvian cuisine is highly recommended! And of course you can visit a wonder of the world here. Reasons enough to add Peru to your bucket list.


One of the first distant trips we ever took was a tour of the USA. We rented a car and saw some of the most beautiful places in America. Our recommendations? Especially San Diego, Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco. And of course the National Parks which are a once in a lifetime experience! A road trip in America? Put on your bucket list already!

Your bucketlist

Which of these destinations will you put on your bucket list? And which ones can you tick off already? Or do you have a laundry list of other destinations? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.