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5 Tips to avoid fatigue while traveling


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As we are currently on a long trip across Mexico and America, today we are giving you 5 tips to avoid fatigue while traveling. Traveling for long periods of time can be exhausting and especially if you are doing an entire transit of several months, as we were. Now we’d like to give you 5 golden tips that you can apply in no time to travel less tired. Less fatigue, is more fun!

1 Don't plan too much

Try not to see too much in a short time. Don’t plan your days too full, because you may see a lot but you won’t keep this up for long. It is better to see less in a good state than to see a lot but not be able to experience everything intensely because of fatigue. Thus, we had a week to see the National Parks in America. If we had wanted to, we could have seen all of these. But then we would have been on the road continuously and we could not find any real rest and consequently could not really enjoy this wonderful nature. Now we only saw two parks, but we enjoyed this very much! If you want to see too much at once, you run the risk of not being able to enjoy it and that’s a shame.

2 Staying longer in one place

Actually, this tip is in line with our first tip against travel fatigue. Stay a little longer at a certain location and unwind. For example, after one month of traveling through Mexico, we were exhausted and very happy to be able to unwind for ten days in Sayulita. A quiet and small place in Mexico where time does not matter and where you can just enjoy the sun, sea and beach. We didn’t encounter many new things there, but unwinding was definitely achieved. And we needed that energy for America, too.

travel fatigue
Bar in Sayulita

3 Spoin yourself

Spoil yourself know and then is also a good way to unwind and avoid fatigue. Have a nice meal or go see a fun show. Or, like us, go to a spa or get a massage. Even going to the hairdresser can be relaxing. Also, taking a slightly more expensive and luxurious hotel once in a while certainly doesn’t hurt. Even more, we even recommend it. Because as convenient and inexpensive as an airbnb is, a hotel is where you really unwind. And especially if there is a pool or sauna available. Agreed, all of this is not exactly budget travel, but it does usually allow you to travel longer because you can recharge your energy. Are you looking for a cheap hotel? Then be sure to check out our tips for booking this cheaper.

4 Day of Rest

What we often do is setting a day to rest every week. This is a day when you do completely nothing. Or whatever you feel like, as long as it’s relaxing. The most important thing about such a day is that you stick to it. A body simply needs this. Contrary to popular belief, travel can sometimes be stressful and exhausting. Traveling a long time is not the same as going on vacation. When traveling for long periods of time, you deplete your body more often than you recharge your energy. Therefore, we ourselves take one day of rest a week. This is a good tip if you plan to travel longer than two weeks. If you are traveling for less time, one rest day may be sufficient.

5 Routine

The final tip against travel fatigue is one that we ourselves sometimes struggle with, named routine. If there is routine in your life (and travel too!), your body doesn’t have to constantly adjust itself so you can avoid fatigue. For example, it is better to go to bed on time every day and get up at the same hour. We like to live in the evenings and sleep a little longer, so it does sometimes vary from day to day when we get up or go to sleep. We also don’t manage to eat around the same time every day. Still, it is better to keep an eye on this during long trips because it can affect your energy. So during your long journey, try to stick to (a few) habits.

Fatigue when traveling

These were our 5 tips for avoiding travel fatigue. These tips were primarily meant for travel. In daily life, of course, there are other tips you can apply to combat fatigue. If you have any other tips, we would love to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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