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Taking a trip around the world requires preparation. Unless you’re a millionaire, you can’t just leave everything behind today and set off on the journey of a lifetime. Not only does a trip around the world cost money, there are other things you better consider. Would you also like to travel the world? Then first, read these 5 tips for traveling the world. They will definitely help you make your dream come true!

1 Working

Except if you are a millionaire, you will (unfortunately) have to work to pay for your trip around the world. Having an achievable goal in mind is a plus. For example, you can take a temporary job, just after your studies or in between jobs, so you don’t have to take leave for your trip. After all, most employers are reluctant to give several months of leave in a row. And that’s understandable too. Therefore, don’t make it hard on yourself and your employer and take a break. In this way, you may also be able to enjoy yourself better on your world trip itself.

Of course, it could also be that you will be working at your new destination. You have to prepare that well from home so that you don’t stand there empty-handed and have to go home again soon. Make correct agreements with your future employer in advance and make sure you have proof of an agreement as well. Also, make sure you have a plan B if this job turns out not to be for you after all.

2 Saving

Once you have a job, you must also learn to save for your trip around the world. If this is your big dream, then you probably want to spend some money on it. A trip around the world does not cost a few hundred dollars but rather a few thousand dollars. You could tell when we took stock of our world trip. Keep that in mind in your savings plan. Be realistic and don’t think that in six months you will have saved enough to take the trip of a lifetime (unless you earn enormously well and/or can save lol). For example, we saved intensively for a year and a half to have a good budget. Setting aside a large amount of money each month in a separate account is definitely recommended.

world travel tips couple
world travel tips

3 Plans

From the moment you start saving, you can also start planning. Maybe you already have your dream trip completely in mind, but maybe not at all. Therefore, start planning and mapping out routes well in advance. Where do you really want to go and where do you want to go if necessary? Plot a route and decide how long you want to stay where. Also, already look up which regions are more expensive and which are cheaper. This will help you better estimate your budget. Also, seek advice from people with experience of world travel and/or the regions you want to visit.

Planning is definitely a good idea when traveling the world, because without a plan, your trip will likely cost you more money and precious time on the move. Think carefully about certain topics such as a daily budget, sightseeing, luggage, etc. You’ll definitely need the time you need to save to fully plan your trip as well.

4 Paperwork

Any trip, especially a world trip, involves some paperwork. Just think about the travel documents that are required for certain countries, applying for your passport, arranging your insurance, … So you should definitely take into account that you will be busy for a while sorting out and arranging a lot of documents. See that you don’t overlook anything, because arranging certain things from abroad can be laborious.

5 Farewell

One not insignificant factor of a world trip, is learning to say goodbye. Are you someone who is often homesick? Then choose a relatively short world trip. Because you will no doubt miss things from home (even if you were never homesick before). We especially missed our friends when we were traveling. That’s why it’s nice to think about some kind of farewell party before you leave or a nice memento you can take with you on your trip. Of course, today you can also stay in touch easier than ever through all the social media and Whatsapp. And that’s a good thing. So above all, don’t forget to say a proper goodbye to your surroundings before you leave!

Do you also want to travel the world?

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