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5 handy websites to book your own summer vacations

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Summer vacations

It is currently not yet summer, yet it is the time for many people to plan their summer vacation. And that’s certainly not a bad idea because right now there are somedeals to be had. Of course, you need to know where to find them. This is not so difficult these days, as there are a lot of useful websites that can help you with this. Read below to find out which helpful websites we also use to book our summer vacations.

1 Skyscanner

In this list of useful websites,Skyscanner can certainly not be missed. And we too often mention this website in our posts. If you are looking for cheap airline tickets this is just the place to be. Here they compare all tickets from all airlines so you are sure to have the cheapest one. You can even set up a price alert on this website so you get an email when tickets are at their lowest.


Of course, should not be forgotten in this list either, because if you are looking for a cheap hotelthis is the place to find it. Although you often do well to only search for the cheapest hotel on this website and then call the hotel directly to book. This way, you can sometimes save another 10 percent on your amount of commission that charges. But comparing hotels is therefore best done here.

websites summer vacations
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3 Airbnb

Airbnb is perhaps our favorite website for planning all of our trips. Because here you can really book the most cheap, and also good, accommodations. For example, you rent a room in people’s homes or a whole apartment just for you. So you don’t book your stay with some hotel which of course makes it much cheaper. We ourselves are always very satisfied with this and this website ensures that we can travel more cheaply and therefore more often.

4 Momondo

Actually, you can compareMomondo and Skyscanner because they both actually do the same thing, namely compare prices of airline tickets. We ourselves are more fans of Skyscanner because we are used to it and because we feel Skyscanner will also compare airlines a little more. The nice thing about Momondo though is the nice blog and inspiration you can find there.

5 Tripadvisor

On vacation itself, we often use Tripadvisor to find out what to see and what not to see. Not only can you find all the tourist excursions, you can also find reviews from people who have done this before. Which is very handy, because that way you’ll quickly know what is or isn’t worth checking out. So not bad, although you should see this mostly as a guide. Above all, don’t let it stop you from exploring on your own. On this website you can also book trips and that is also very reliable, but sometimes a bit expensive. This is mainly due to the high commissions charged by Tripadvisor.

What helpful websites for your summer vacation do you use?

What helpful websites for your summer vacation do you use when planning your trip? Feel free to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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