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4 Tips for avoiding arguments on vacation

Arguing on Vacation


Why is it, after all, that couples argue the most on vacation? In our opinion, this is due to accumulated stress throughout the year that is released when we can relax while traveling. Then, when couples disagree about something, such as a trip that one wants to take and the other doesn’t, they want to push their way through here. After all, vacation is something that everyone interprets differently and therefore has become “sacred” to most. Then, when that personal vacation fulfillment is threatened, we may react with hostility and an argument ensues. Is this recognizable to you? Then read the tips below to avoid arguments on vacation in the future.

1 Agreements

The best thing to do, in all cases, to avoid arguments is to make good agreements. So you can also do this before you leave on vacation with your partner. It’s best to even agree on simple things like who will cook, how many museums you will visit, and who will drive the rental car. By discussing this in advance, you not only save time on location itself, but also a lot of (unnecessary) discussions. Of course, you cannot make an agreement about everything, but it helps to already do so about certain things. For example, we agree in advance what we want to visit and who will drive the car where and for how long. We know this can be stressful otherwise and we try to avoid that.

Arguing on Vacation
Gezellig op Vakantie

2 Interests

Of course, you argue the least on vacation when you think the same about many things. So having the same interests is definitely useful not only in everyday life but also on vacation. If this is the case between you and your partner, it is easy to plan your vacation based on your interests. If you don’t have the same interests, it’s harder but you can also come to a compromise. Make a list of your favorite activities while traveling and have your partner do the same. Then let each other choose as many activities that the other is also (more or less) open to. On vacation, make sure you have done both your activities and those of your partner and then it may be a successful vacation.

3 Separate

You don’t have to spend time together all the time when you’re on vacation (for an extended period). It may well be that your partner wants to do something separately for a change. So respect that and allow it to happen. Of course, it can’t be the intention that you are always apart on vacation, but spending a few hours alone should be possible. Those few hours apart can also allow you to take some time to reflect and thus avoid a (future) fight on vacation.

4 Enjoying

Enjoyment is, of course, the most important thing on vacation. But how do you do that, enjoy? We enjoy vacations when we feel good about each other and we do activities that we enjoy. Feeling good about each other is essential to having fewer arguments. So when you are enjoying yourself, you are less likely to argue. So above all, don’t forget to relax on vacation, and be a little less strict with yourself and your partner. And above all, try to laugh a lot and enjoy yourself together!

Avoiding arguments on vacation

These are 4 simple tips you can apply to make your vacation a lot more enjoyable. Because arguing on vacation is absolutely no fun! So from now on you will travel without a single argument!

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