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What does a world trip cost? - A unique insight into the cost

What is the cost of a

World Trip

We are exactly 2 weeks back from our trip around the world through beautiful Mexico and diverse America. For three months we traveled through these beautiful countries. We saved sufficiently and we made a cost estimate in advance, but also on the way you will encounter (unexpected) new costs. What does such a world tour actually cost? You’ll found out here!


We could never make a 3-month world trip without saving well first. You could read earlier that saving is an important factor in taking a trip around the world. We worked for a year and a half without spending much on useless things. We have set aside money to pay for most of our trip and a portion to pay for unexpected expenses. In total, we saved 6,000 euros in advance to plan our entire trip. That is, 3000 euros/person for 3 months of travel across America and Mexico.

What is included?

With that 6,000 euros, we paid for all of our flights and any public transportation that could be fixed in advance, as well as our accommodations. Most of the nights were through AirBnB and cost us about 30 euros/night on average. Sometimes we also booked a hotel for our own comfort. A hotel cost us an average of 60 euros/night. Depending on your preference, this cost can be high. We deliberately chose to sometimes book a cheap overnight stay and occasionally a more expensive one. We also did house sitting, which was completely free.

Out of our saved 6000 euros, we paid about 2500 euros for flights (and sometimes other transportation) and 3500 euros for accommodations. This means that you will need about 3000 euros/person to get the first things of your world trip in order.

what does a world trip cost
Las Vegas in America

Costs during planning

Of course, this is not the total cost of our world trip. Throughout the pre-planning process, more costs quickly came into play, such as a Esta pay (a document to be allowed to enter America) that 11,50 euro costs, a rent a car with assurance that all together to some 250 euros could cost, certain necessities for travel such as appropriate clothing, sunscreen or a new travel case. All of these costs can be high.

In our case, the cost during the planning all together was about 500 euros/person. Note: Some things we could use as a couple of two, such as a first aid kit or a rental car. So a solo traveler will spend about 500 euros on these costs, but for two travelers this does not necessarily equal 1000 euros. It’s going to be a lot less.

Cost of travel

Once you travel the world, there are many things that will cost you extra money. Costs you might not have even considered. Consider trips, souvenirs, food and beverages, transportation for short distances, as well as unexpected accidents and illness. These are things that inevitably come with the cost.


We spent about 720 euros/person on excursions. This ranged from baseball games to amusement parks to street entertainment that we spent money on. On transportation for short distances we spent on average about 8 euros/day, but obviously not every day. This amounts to about 550 euros in transportation for two people (so 225 euros/person). After all, you don’t pay the cab per person and public transportation was quite cheap both in Mexico and America. It also saves a lot of money not to take cabs in America but to use Uber or public transportation. We also often did distances on foot. Depending on person to person, transportation will cost a lot or little. This is our average, but of course this could be a lot higher with someone else.

cost of a world trip
budget world travel


It’s always nice to be able to take home beautiful souvenirs from the places you visit. We are both quite fanatical about buying souvenirs for ourselves but also for others. This cost us about 200 euros/person. This, of course, depends greatly on person to person. Bryan bought souvenirs for less than 200 euros, but Sigrid, for example, bought souvenirs for just over 200 euros.

Food and drinks

However, most of your budget will not go to transportation or excursions, but rather to food and drink. We chose to shop often at local supermarkets to save money on food and especially drinks. We strongly recommend doing so as well since the price of drinks in the supermarket is often a fraction of what you pay for them in a cafe. Food cost us more because cooking for ourselves was not always that simple. Pinning an exact number on this budget is difficult. This also depends very much on each person, but we would count on a minimum budget of 1900 euros/person for food and 200 euros/person for drinks. So food and drink for a 3-month world trip will cost a hefty 2000 euros/person. At least with us anyway.

Unexpected Events

Like anywhere, something unexpected can happen on a world trip such as an accident or illness. We have been sick several times for which we had to buy appropriate medication and even cancel a flight and book a new one. Fortunately, your insurance will intervene for this, but you often have to be able to pay the amount on the spot anyway. Therefore, be sure to put an extra 1000 euros in your account for unexpected events.

Total cost

You can see that the total cost of a world trip adds up quickly. Originally you think you’ll spend less, but there are costs you can’t avoid. However, as a traveler you can save a lot by applying certain tips. Depending on your own preferences, your total cost will be much higher or much lower than with us.

If we add up all these small and large amounts now, we paid a total of 6500 euros/person for our world trip. We also had extra costs due to illness, so it’s best to put about 8,000 euros aside in your account. This amount is not nothing, but we had this amount in mind when we started our planning. Also, it wasn’t really our intention to save much during this trip. Most of all, we wanted to enjoy this unique experience. It can be much cheaper, of course, but also much more expensive.

Do you want to go on a world tour?

Would you like to go on a world tour yourself? Are you shocked by this amount or did you expect something like this? Or have you already done a world tour yourself and did it cost you much more or much less? Let us know in the comments !

Still looking for saving tips for your upcoming trip? We are happy to help you make your trip as pleasant as possible so you can enjoy it even more. Have fun! Or you can always follow us on Facebook of course.

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