Make money while traveling - Our 11 tips

To make money

While traveling

Making money while traveling is easier said than done and, in many cases, just plain impossible. In many places you can earn something on the side, but really earning enough to live off of it is usually not the case. This, unfortunately, is only possible for a very small proportion of people who try it. Still, we don’t want to discourage you too much because of course you can belong to that small part. Below we explain some good and not so good methods to make money while traveling.

1 Blogging

We’ll start with the thing we know the most about, blogging. It is true that there are bloggers who can make a living out of this, but this is a very small group worldwide, even if it doesn’t seem so because of all the well-known influencers today. If you want to make money from blogging, then above all you need to put in a lot of time and you also need a lot of patience. Because having a blog is not just making articles, it is mainly a lot of work that you -especially in the beginning- get little in return. We especially like this and that’s why we continue to do it. Because other than sometimes some cheaper travel or fun collaborations, this doesn’t really make us much money. So think of it mainly as a hobby that can grow into something beautiful, but not as income from the very beginning, because you will be disappointed.

2 Seasonal Employment

You can also effectively go to work in the countries where you stay. For example, in the summer you might work at a campsite in France or Italy. A great website for this is camping guide. In the winter, you can work at ski resorts in the ski areas. Or, of course, you could work further afield, such as on farms in Australia, for example. A nice website that goes into more detail on this topic can be found here.

3 Starting a webshop

Starting a web shop is, in our opinion, one of the only things where making money while traveling is really possible. Only, again, you need some patience until when this source of income is large enough to live on. It used to be that with a web shop you needed a stock of your goods, but nowadays you have dropshipping. Which basically means that you work with companies that you give your order to, upon which they send the order to your customers. Your margins are smaller, but so is the risk and the work. You can work with companies that specialize in this, but you can also put on your bold shoes and start negotiating with big brands of course. More information on this topic can be found here.

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4 Offering your qualities

Don’t feel like maintaining a web shop or all the paperwork that comes with it? Then you can also sell your qualities online. For example, are you an expert in social media? Then you can maintain companies’ social media channels for a fee. Or are you an expert in photoshop? Then as an external force, you can be very valuable to some companies to do the design, for example. And so there are many more possibilities. Just think carefully about what your qualities are and what someone else can be with them. Try to sell yourself.

5 Travel Photography

Travel photography is also a great way to make money while traveling. If you have the right equipment, of course, because your photos must have the right number of pixels. And this equipment is usually quite an investment in itself! Of course, the equipment is not everything either, your qualities as a photographer are perhaps the most important. Because, after all, the competition is big. But if you have talent and good equipment, this is definitely a good way to make money. You can sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock.

6 Working on an airplane or boat

Of course, you can always go to work as a steward(s) or pilot on an airplane or as an aide on a cruise ship. But then you are on the road more than you are actually on location. In fact, it’s not an open secret that as a cruise ship helper, you don’t often get to go ashore. So this is not really the best option in our opinion, but it can be done.

7 Travel journalist

As a travel journalist, it goes without saying that you combine travel and work. Becoming this, of course, is not so easy. For starters, of course, the right education will help you go a long way. But even that is not a guarantee. A blog can help you do that, because this is obviously a very nice example of what you can do. No steady job in this sector? Then you can also try it as a freelance writer for online magazines, for example. Making contacts in this world is very important!

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8 Become a travel guide

If you’ve been at a location a bit longer and are starting to get to know the place really well, you can also work as a guide. You can check with the local tourism boards to see if they have any work for you, or you can already offer this yourself on Airbnb these days. When you are really good at this, it can earn you some money in a short period of time. One step further is that you know the area so well that you will co-lead group tours. This also has a nice remuneration and often you will keep some nice friends from it. Djoser even regularly seeks people to do this.

9 Use language skills

Using your language skills to make money while traveling may not be the way that will earn you the most, but it is a way. You can work as an interpreter at companies that need it or you can teach English at a school or privately at people’s homes. But you can also translate texts on websites like Fairlingo. Your English does need to be of an academic level for this and the fees are often not that high compared to the time you put in.

10 Bartender

As a good bartender, you can get a job anywhere, especially if you have had training for it. Your pay may not always be the same, but there’s a good chance you’ll get a nice tip out of it. There are even courses that you can take abroad, then you are traveling during your education anyway. Not in the mood for making cocktails, you might want to look for help in a hostel, where they often look for help as well. The advantage there is that you usually have a shelter (free) with it.

11 Housesitting or au-pair

Housesitting may not always be paid but it can give you a free roof over your head while traveling. The principle is quite simple. You look after the house, and sometimes the animals, of people who are themselves on vacation in exchange for free accommodation. A great website to get in touch with people looking for a housesitter is trustedhoussitters.com. You pay a one-time registration fee and then everything is free. We traveled across America very cheaply this way. If you want shelter and to earn a little more with it, you can look after children as an au-pair, when the parents are too busy working. If you love children, this might be the ideal way and tip in the list make money while traveling. Please note that as an au-pair you usually do not have much free time.

Making money while traveling, how do you do it?

Is making money while traveling difficult? Maybe so, but not completely impossible as you can see above. However, you have to invest a little in it first, and we’re not just talking about money, but more importantly, time and patience. Do you already make money while traveling? If so, be sure to let us know below in the comments how you do it. In this way, we can inspire each other and all embark on a workation.

Looking for more travel tips? Then be sure to check out our tips or follow our blog where we also regularly give away some golden tips. This was making money while traveling, see you next week!This was making money while traveling, see you next week!