7 tips for saving money when traveling

Saving money

save money

Travel can sometimes be expensive, so we give you tips on how to save money when traveling. Last time we gave you tips on how to best save on your plane tickets. Unfortunately, this is usually the only thing people (want to) save on. And that’s a shame, because you can also save on many other things during your trip. Hence, this list of tips for saving money while traveling. Be sure to let us know if these tips were helpful to you.

1 Travel in lower cost areas

Perhaps a tip you could have thought of yourself. But this tip is rarely applied anyway. This, however, is the best way to save. Especially look for countries where prosperity is not as good to bad. Think for example of the gems of Cambodia, Laos and Nicaragua, where you can stay and travel around very cheaply. And where nature is beautiful.

2 Travel slowly

If you travel more slowly, you may see fewer different things but the things you see will be much more valuable. And you will then also understand the local customs and people better. Then again, the biggest advantage is that you can save money this way. You will save so much on transportation, which is usually the biggest cost. But also think about the discount you get if you rent accommodation for a longer period or if you can buy a multi-day pass for public transport in a city.

3 Eat and drink locally

Our next tip for saving money when traveling is about food. Walk a few blocks away from the tourist spots you know and you will find local restaurants. These are very often half the price and still is much tastier too. And in our opinion, only then do you really get to know a country. We ourselves love discovering local cuisine so we think this might be the best tip. You can also -if possible- cook for yourself. This will make you save even more.


4 Save money on your stay

Many people book a hotel because it’s just convenient and fun to stay in. But tell me, how often do you effectively sit in that beautiful room during your trip? Hopefully not that often. Great alternatives to a hotel are hostels, Airbnb and housesitting. But you can also convert a van or caravan as we did. This will cost you some money in the beginning but will save you a lot of money in the end.

5 Save on transport

Public transportation is not always the cheapest way to travel. In some cases, renting a car is a much cheaper way to travel from A to B. And then again, you have the advantage of having the freedom to stop at fun locations along the way. For distances within 5 km, go on foot, who knows what you will encounter. Nowadays, you also have the app Uber that can let you save a huge amount on transportation. But we are actually against this because these people are severely underpaid and the local cabs are going out of business.

6 Free Activities

Research the region you are going to very carefully. In France, for example, we visited a wonderful local market and it was completely free. Or when we were in Barcelona we discovered that many museums are free on Sunday afternoon. The best moments in life are usually free. So above all, go on your own adventure and don’t always follow those overpriced tourist attractions.

7 Talk to the local people

The last tip is certainly an interest. Talk to the locals. Talk to people and they will be only too happy to help you. The locals can give you tips of fun activities that are not so touristy, and therefore much cheaper. And usually even more fun because they actually reflect the country and culture.

Do you have any tips for saving money while traveling?

Do you have any tips for saving money while traveling? If so, you may always give them in the comments. And what do you actually save the most on during your trip?

Looking for more tips on saving while traveling? Or are you simply looking for general tips? Then be sure to check out our Tips category. Of course, you can also check out our full travel blog. Another appointment next Tuesday with more travel tips. See you then!