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5 travel insurance tips you should definitely know before you leave on your trip!

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Travel insurance tips? Why do you need it? And why do you even need travel insurance? We’ll explain it to you here.

We sometimes hear some people wonder why they need to buy travel insurance. But we can tell you that you really need this! Because imagine if you get very sick abroad and need to be repatriated back home, this cost (which is huge!) is not included in your regular insurance. And with travel insurance, it does. Or suppose you can’t leave your location because of a natural disaster or other (weather) conditions, then you have to make an extra booking and this cost can also increase enormously. This too is covered with most travel insurance policies. And so there are many more reasons to get travel insurance. And because there are different types of travel insurance policies, we provide our travel insurance tips below to help you. That way, you’ll make a better choice when you leave on your trip.

1 Continuous or short-term insurance

Everyone thinks this is an easy choice, but it’s not quite that. We know people who only go on vacation once a year and automatically take out short-term insurance. That’s not always so smart. Especially not if you’re going on vacation for 3 weeks (or longer). If so, you’re much better off with a continuous insurance policy. This will get you much cheaper.

For people who go on short vacations several times a year, it is also much better to take out a continuous insurance policy. You pay only one fee per year with only one commission. Because if you buy insurance every time, as with several short-term policies, you end up paying more because of the commission. In fact, it is best to take out short-term insurance only if you are going on vacation for a maximum of two weeks and once a year.

Travel insurance tips
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2 World or European coverage

Our second tip on our list of insurance tips is one that is often forgotten or left unchecked when purchasing insurance. The answer may be obvious and it is. You just have to check it carefully in the insurance policy. You can either be insured for Europe or for the whole world. This is a big difference! You’ll pay a little more for whole-world insurance, but it’s recommended if you like to travel far. Please note that the countries of Morocco, Egypt, Asian Turkey, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon, are countries covered under European coverage.

3 Activity

The activity of your trip also depends on which insurance you need. Suppose you go skiing, then ordinary travel insurance is not enough. Because in this insurance your skis and equipment are not insured. Or if you are going to do other dangerous sports such as rafting in the wild, then ordinary travel insurance is not enough for you either. Also, people who are going to study or work abroad are not covered enough with travel insurance and will need to purchase another type of insurance.

4 Savings

Saving on insurance is something we absolutely advise against. It can sometimes differ by 20 euros/person and on a family of, say, 5 people that is a huge amount, but then you are also less and often inadequately covered in most cases. Suppose you have something for during your trip, you’ll spend more money. So always check carefully where this price difference comes from. Sometimes it can indeed be just about the premium and then it would be foolish not to go with the cheapest (travel) insurer.

5 Cancellation insurance

You must purchase this insurance within 7 days of booking your trip. We definitely recommend this one! Because you never know what can happen. Suppose for some reason you can’t go on a trip anymore, it’s nice that you get a large amount of your trip back. It is definitely recommended when booking an expensive vacation very well in advance. For last-minutes, this is less recommended. Usually cancellation insurance is not that expensive, so not worth saving on either.

Travel insurance tips

These were our travel insurance tips, hope you found them useful. If you are looking for more information you can always take a look at this nice site. If you guys have any other helpful tips. If so, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

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