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5 tips to save on food during your trip


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We like to eat very much and especially on vacation we like to eat out. This does usually affect our budget while traveling. Therefore, we have prepared some tips and tricks for ourselves that we are now going to share with you. So that you too can save on food during your trip.

1 Eat with the locals

While on vacation, eat with the locals. It will save you a lot of money and it is often much better than at the tourist restaurants. For example, in Mexico we ate delicious tacos and for 3 euros we were well full. While for the same price in the tourist zone, all you have is your drink. Often this is also where you really get to know a country with its traditional cuisine. So choose to eat outside the tourist center, and preferably with locals.

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2 Take a room with kitchen

Saving on your food starts when you book your room. After all, it’s better to book a room with a kitchen than without one, so you can (occasionally) cook for yourself. This will save you a lot! By going to the store and buying your breakfast already, for example, you will already save a lot of money. The more you cook yourself, the cheaper your vacation. Of course, not everyone wants to cook while traveling and we understand that. However, it is usually a good idea to book a room with a refrigerator so that you can purchase drinks and keep them cool if necessary. This also saves a lot of money!

3 Ask addresses

Ask the reception or the host of your vacation home for addresses where you should go to eat (cheaply). And also ask where there are special daily deals. Because there are many things that have a special offer on certain days. For example, there are businesses that serve a dish once a week for little money. Or maybe your host knows a place where they have a happy hour. This in turn allows you to save on drinking. Ask these people and they will happily give you the best and cheapest spots.

4 Schedule a budget

Our mistake is often not keeping track of what we spend in a day, and then the costs sometimes run high. A good idea to solve this problem is to set a daily budget for food and not deviate from it. It makes you think a lot more about your spending that way. Be careful not to make the daily budget too small because starving yourself or cutting yourself short is obviously not the idea either.

5 Eat according to the region

Another thing that makes you save on food is the choice of the restaurant where you eat. For example, on the coast you are going to be able to eat fish much cheaper than, say, a good steak. Now that we are in Mexico, the cheapest thing for us is to eat Mexican food such as tacos. Other dishes such as pasta, for example, are more expensive here. So if you want to save on food, it is better to eat according to the region where you are staying.

Saving on food

These were our 5 tips for saving on food during your trip. Do you have any other tips that you try to apply yourself? If so, we’d love to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Next Tuesday a new batch of tips. Can’t wait until then? Then be sure to take a look at our other travel tips. Who knows, you may save a lot of money on your next trip!

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