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5 General Savings Tips for Traveling

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Going on a trip is the highlight of the year for many. A moment they had long looked forward to. Some people go on vacation often and others do not. No matter what category you fall into, saving on some things while traveling is always nice. Today, we give you 5 general travel savings tips that you can apply in no time. It doesn’t cost you any effort at all and certainly no money!

1 Schedule

Saving on your overall trip starts when you book your vacation. If it doesn’t matter to you when you leave, choose a period outside the (school) vacations. And when you choose sunny destinations, go outside the high season. For example, you can go to Mexico cheaper in March than in December because December is a perfect period for a winter sun vacation to Mexico and consequently more expensive. So think carefully about planning your trip.

saving tips for traveling
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2 Souvenirs

Often we feel the need to buy souvenirs on vacation, but what good are these really? Be honest and consider that with most of the stuff you bought abroad, you are nothing at all. So is it really necessary to still buy these on your next trip? We also buy at least one souvenir in each country we visit and we also like to take something home for the people we love. But we often make the reflection afterwards that this is unnecessary and costs a lot of money. If you don’t, you’ll really save a lot of money. And friends and family won’t blame you anyway.

3 Transport

One of the biggest costs of your trip will probably be your transportation. If your destination is outside of Europe, it makes sense to travel by plane. It is then mainly a matter of booking your airline tickets at the right time. But if your destination is closer to home, you can opt to go by train, for example. The car is usually not the cheapest mode of transportation because you often have to fill up with gas and sometimes pay tolls on highways. A train is fast, convenient, often cheaper and even better for the environment. Also locally, you can choose to take public transportation instead of an expensive cab. Or you can cover some miles on foot or by (rental) bike. There are so many cheap alternatives!

4 Activities

To save on activities while traveling, it is best to google for discount coupons for tourist attractions and museums, for example. You can find some for each country on the Internet. Sometimes you can pay a certain amount of money at once for a country or region in exchange for access to all kinds of attractions. This often costs a lot less than if you paid for each activity separately.

5 Food and Drink

Another big cost of your holiday is food and drink. We like to eat out on holiday and we prefer to eat what we are used to from home. This is a bad attitude when you want to save something. Good food does not always have to be what we are used to. Go on an adventure and taste the local cuisine. Not only will you discover new dishes, but it will also save you (a lot of) money, since eating local food with local products will undoubtedly be cheaper than Western food. The same goes for drinking. Drink a locally brewed beer instead of a Belgian beer.

What travel savings tips do you use?

What do you do to save on travel? Were our 5 savings tips helpful? We hope they can make a world of difference on your next trip. Although, of course, you can always try to make money on vacation.

Would you like more tips for traveling? Every Tuesday, we provide new tips to make your next vacation more enjoyable, better and more beautiful. Stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram!

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