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What to do in a plane crash? Here are 5 tips

What to do when

An airplane crash

After a violent flight through a storm from Durham to our new destination, we wondered what best to do in the event of a plane crash or emergency landing. Hopefully these are tips you’ll never need, but we’ll give them to you anyway. Then you know what you can do if you ever find yourself in an emergency landing and possible plane crash.

1 Preparation

Flights today are so safe that a chance of a plane crash is so small that you really shouldn’t fear a crash. Should you have, you can prepare for this. Put on comfortable clothes. For example, it is better to wear easy shoes than heels. In heels you are not fast and getting out of somewhere is not so easy. Prefer to wear easy clothing that is also warm. Or even pay attention to the right fabric of clothes and do not choose flammable fabrics. Again the chance of your plane crashing is almost nonexistent but should it happen it could save your life.

2 Right place

Take the right seat on the plane. Did you know that from the back of the plane you are 50 percent more likely to survive a plane crash than if you were sitting in the front? You have a better chance of surviving a crash if you have a seat at the back of the plane, and you save money because these are often the cheapest airline tickets. So double benefit!

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3 Correct posture

Proper posture in a plane crash is also important. Perhaps the most important thing to increase your chances of survival. Put your hands crossed on the chair in front of you and put your head on it. Be careful, crossing your hands can be dangerous. Another good method is to put your head directly against the chair in front of you and your hands on your neck. This may be the best method. Above all, stay calm and follow the instructions on the safety card provided on the plane.

4 All away

Once it is certain that your plane is going to crash, you need to put away all the loose items as quickly as possible. This can range from your cell phone to even a separate button. This is because these can become life-threatening objects at high speeds. Also, button up your sweater or jacket and even check that your laces are tied properly. These little things can save your life.

5 Quickly away

Suppose your plane has crashed, see that you get out of the plane as quickly as possible. Because did you know that statistically most deaths occur after the crash itself? This is mainly due to fires being started and smoke clouds being developed. Also, do not continue to walk near the debris of the plane. This is because an explosion involving kerosene can be very large. So when boarding, always check where the nearest emergency exits are.

Small chance of airplane crash

These were our 5 tips for surviving a plane crash. Of course, the chances that you are really going to need them are very small. But of course you never know. Should disaster strike, we hope these tips can save your life. Do you even have any tips? Be sure to let us know via the comments or via our Facebook page.

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