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In a previous post, we gave you some tips to book your flights as cheaply as possible. One of the tips we gave you at the time was to use skyscanner. Of course, this tip only helps if you know how to work with this website in the right way. Therefore, today we will discuss 3 tips to work easier and better with skyscanner.

1 Setting price alert

If you really want to find the best price for a flight to your favorite destination you can set a price alert. By setting the price alert, you will receive an email when the price is at its lowest. This ensures that you get the best price for your airline ticket. Of course, you have to set this up well in advance because otherwise you run the risk that the prices won’t drop anymore. We think two months in advance is the maximum.

Setting a price alert on skyscanner is not difficult. First you set the date and destinations and then press search. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see all the possible flights appear but also a button in the top left with ‘set price alert’. So here you have to click on it and then just enter your email address. And the website does the rest.

2 Comparison map

You can also do better with skyscanner by using the comparison chart of this handy website. On this map you set your airport where you normally want to depart. And the map then shows you all possible flights using green and red dots from this airport. The green dots are the most interesting destinations and the red ones the slightly lesser ones. So this map is ideal for you to see if there are any alternative cheaper airports near your final destination. This card is also kind of fun if you don’t know what you’re looking for yet and need some inspiration.

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3 Single ticket VS return ticket

Always check carefully that purchasing two single tickets will not be cheaper than immediately purchasing a return ticket. Because often a return ticket is actually more expensive because you can also book two one-way flights with different airlines. You can easily do this checking by opening a few tabs and comparing them.

Although comparing yourself may be the best tip to get better with skyscanner. Because you also have to look closely at what is right in the price. Because sometimes you can find tickets that are as much as 200 euros cheaper than with the competition but then you have to transfer 3 times instead of a direct flight. And we don’t think that’s the point either.

Working better with skyscanner, how do you do it?

This was our list of tips to work better with skyscanner. Maybe you have some tips for us too? If so, we’d love to hear about it so we can update our list and also use these tips ourselves.

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