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Often you hear wild stories about people who scored a free upgrade on their airline tickets. You can indeed fly in business classthrough an upgrade without having to pay more for it, but in reality this is not so easy. To begin with, you already need a good dose of courage and self-confidence. Of course, he who does not dare does not win. Would you like to change from economy to business classfor free on your flight soon? These tips will get you started on scoring a flight upgrade.

1 Dress and behave nicely

Beginning at home, you do this by choosing your clothes. For example, you’re going to be just a little more likely to upgrade your flight in fancy clothing than in jogging. This is just the way it is. Also, behaving in an exemplary and neat manner can certainly help with this. Ask the airline staff in a polite and friendly manner if an upgrade is possible. This will get you very far.

2 Fly a lot with the same airline

However, the greatest chance of upgrading is by flying the same airline or group a lot. They like to leave regular customers ahead in selecting an upgrade. Also, don’t forget to sign up for your airline’s savings program. Otherwise, they have no idea how many miles(same as kilometers) you have already traveled. For example, we ourselves are enrolled in the American Airlines savings program. These programs are also offered in Europe. These savings programs are also sometimes called frequent flyer programs. Look for it on the website of your (favorite) airline.

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3 Bidding on your upgrade

Want an even better chance of upgrading your flight? Then these days you can just bid on it too. These auctions are offered by several airlines. Something Brussels Airlines also does. The remaining seats on the plane are offered there so anyone who still wants can bid on them. As a result, the price is often tremendously low and sometimes even free when there is no interest. Worth keeping an eye on!

Some other tips for upgrading your flight

1 Travel alone, when you travel alone you are more likely to get an upgrade. This is because then there is no need to puzzle, you just get the free place.

2 Lie. Because when you say you just got married, the odds increase by about 60 percent that you will get an upgrade on your flight. Indeed, this has already been proven. Feigning an injury can also work.

3 Travel during the vacations. This is because there are slightly more free tickets in business classthen because there are simply a lot of business people traveling themselves.

4 Call ahead of time to see if there is a spot available. Thus, there is a chance that you will be assigned this upgrade for your flight by then (with no competition). The chances of success are slim, but you can try.

5 Inform yourself well. Because there are also some airlines that don’t do free upgrades at all. Therefore, it would be stupid for you to ask for an upgrade.

Upgrade your flight. What do you do?

Have you also been upgraded before? And what do you sometimes do to get your flight upgraded? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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