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3 Tips for putting together a world travel ticket


world travel ticket

Before we give you some useful tips on buying or putting together a world travel ticket, you need to know what this is of course. A world travel ticket are a number of tickets to different destinations but purchased in one bundle at a time which allows them to be offered more cheaply. You use these tickets in most cases within the 365 days. For example, you could travel to Mexico and from there to Canada and so on to South Africa and then end up in Australia and return home. That’s how you traveled around the world. There are, of course, some things to look out for and we discuss them here.

1 Different weather conditions

So with a world travel ticket, you can plan many destinations one after the other. Still, it is important to give some thought to which countries you will be visiting. And especially watch the weather. Because it’s just practically not easy to have to pack your suitcase for a long period of time and then have to take into account a huge difference in climate. Search well in advance and pack only the hot or cold destinations together and try not to mix too much.

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2 General terms and conditions

Always read the terms and conditions of your ticket carefully, as they can vary. Always check the shelf life of tickets. In most cases, these do last for a year but there can always be an exception. Especially when you bought your ticket at a competitive price. And always check what to do when changing your itinerary in case of illness or unforeseen circumstances. This can vary from travel agency to travel agency. And perhaps most importantly… See if your luggage is also included in the price and if so, how much it can weigh. Small tip: 20 kg is really too little!

3 Departure in correct period

Leave in the right period and it will save you money. For example, world travel tickets in the months from September to December are much cheaper to leave as well as tickets on December 24. Leaving on Christmas may not be as much fun but it will save you money. Of course, also make sure that you don’t go to Mexico during the rainy season, for example, because then you won’t benefit from this discount either.

Buy your own world travel ticket?

Do you dream of traveling around the world? And are you planning to buy a world travel ticket? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. We are very curious about your travel stories or plans!

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