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Tips for booking a hotel cheaper

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Today we give you some tips for booking a hotel cheaper. Because you can already save a lot on booking your flights , and then it would be a shame that you still pay too much for your hotel. That is why we now give you some tips that we also use. And we also show you some mistakes that we sometimes see other people make.

1 Right time

The timing when booking a hotel is almost everything. There is even a rule for this. If you book 90, 60 or 30 days before your stay, there is often a price reduction on the room you want to book (this is 90 percent of the time, there are of course exceptions). It’s best not to book last-minute, because you would think it would be cheaper, but it really isn’t. This is because these hotels want to prevent everyone from making last-minute bookings. The price is usually higher here. In some cases a last minute is cheaper, but the risk of waiting to book is yours. An extra tip: booking a hotel on January 1 is often a lot cheaper! Strange but true, but a handy tip when booking a hotel cheaper.

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2 Auction Sites

You can also participate on sites where they offer holiday auctions. and D-reizen are such websites where you can bid on a hotel, excursion or even an entire trip. These auctions often start at 1 euro so if you pay attention and with a bit of luck you can really get a bargain. Make sure you read the fine print and don’t get caught up in bidding and above all: stop on time so that it remains a great opportunity and you don’t pay more than you would spend on other websites.

3 At the hotel itself

What you can also do is, when you see a nice hotel on the website of a travel agency, go to the site of this hotel yourself and see what the price is there. This price is almost always cheaper. One step further is to call the hotel reception yourself and ask if they have a special offer for you. This also helps in half of the cases. If you don’t dare, you don’t win.

4 Compare

Always compare different booking sites, because they can often differ a lot in price. You can easily do this through websites such as Skyscanner, Trivago , Kayak and Momondo . It often gives you the cheapest rate in a fairly simple way. We use Skyscanner and are very satisfied with it.

5 Loyalty Programs

With a loyalty program you can save points within an organization or hotel chain. If you have saved enough points you can get a discount or even choose something for free. Joining such a program is always free. In some cases you can even link it to an airline. Usually it is well indicated if a hotel has this, but you can of course always ask.

Some other tips for cheaper hotel booking

  • Don’t rely on the most popular hotels on booking websites. These are often the hotels that pay the most in commission and are therefore not really the most popular. Look a little further than the 5 first pages.
  • Don’t fall into the ‘one room free’ trap as this is often not true and a trick to help you decide quickly. Think carefully about your choice.
  • Delete your cookies . The price often goes up the longer you search. The website knows that you are really looking for a hotel. This will not happen if you regularly delete your cookies.
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