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3 Tips to book an ecological hotel

Ecological hotel


Eco-friendly travel is becoming more and more of a trend. Also understandable, because the emissions we produce are simply too large. And even if you are not going to solve the entire Co2 problem by booking an ecological hotel, every little bit helps and especially start with yourself. Finding and booking an ecological hotel may not seem so easy. Would you also like to contribute? Find an ecological hotel more easily with these tips!

1 Green Key

Perhaps the best tip for booking an ecological hotel is the Green Key website . They rate hotels and also tourist attractions on how ecological they are. And when these hotels or attractions meet the standards, they are given a green key and they are placed on the website. Where you can find them. The disadvantage of this site is that they are not yet very large and therefore do not have an extensive range. Also keep in mind that you cannot make bookings via this website. You only find out which hotels are ecological. This site also has some tools to calculate whether a hotel is ecological or not. This way you can test your favorite hotel!

2 Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor has recently also made an overview of all ecological hotels that are available. Very handy and also easy. Only the standards to get into this list are not as strict as on the Green Key website. Not all countries have such a list yet. You can easily find the lists by entering ‘eco-list + country’ in the search bar. Here you will find a list of all the eco-friendly hotels.

Ecologisch hotel boeken
green key natuur

3 Do your own research

Doing your own research is perhaps the most time-consuming option, but you really help the ecosystem with that. Because only then can you be sure of a good hotel. For example, you can go to the hotel’s website to see if there is an environmental policy or a CSR statement. Or see that the hotel has received some kind of award or prize for its environmental policy. This is being distributed more and more often by local media or companies that are in the industry. Those awards are not worth much in themselves, but they usually give you a good indication.

You will therefore find most information on the website of the hotel itself. Because a hotel that works with green energy, for example, really wants to show it off. As well as all other measures that they implement for an ecological policy. Always read carefully what they do correctly and do not rely solely on the title.

Do you also book an ecological hotel?

Do you sometimes already book an ecological hotel? Do you want to do this in the future ? Or do you not care at all? We try to do this, but we have to be honest with you that often the budget wins out over the environmentally conscious. We are therefore curious how this is with you. So be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page .

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