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Budget Peru - What does it cost to travel to Peru?

Budget Peru


Peru is at the top of many people’s bucket list to visit. And rightly so, because this country has a lot to offer. With a world wonder like Machu Picchu and an enormous diversity of fauna and flora. But how much does a journey of approximately 21 days cost? Find out what budget you should provide for Peru. The cheapest flight tickets can be found via websites such as Skyscanner.

  • Hotels: The price of a hotel room varies from region to region and also depends on what comfort you want. But in general you can find a decent room from 25 euros per night. Breakfast often included. The best way to compare all hotels is on

  • Airbnb: Airbnb is a lot cheaper in Peru as you can book a room from as little as 10 euros a night. An additional advantage is that you often have your own kitchen, so you can also make serious savings on food.

  • Hostel: Hostels in Peru are also very cheap! For example, the price for a place to sleep is 7 euros per night on average. In cities like Lima, the average is 10 euro per night. The best hostels can be found here.
Budget Peru
excursions peru

Budget Peru

Food and drinks

On restaurant

Compared to some other countries in South America, Peru is not a cheap country when it comes to food. For example, you can easily pay 10 euros per person for a dish and a drink. If you eat in the tourist areas, you can even expect to pay up to 20 euros per person. We paid an average of 4 euros per person for breakfast.

Cook yourself

If you cook yourself, you’ll have enough with a budget of EUR 14 per person per day. You will then have 3 meals, a packed lunch, snacks and drinks. Breakfast may consist of cornflakes and lunch of sandwiches, but you save a lot on your budget for Peru. Please note that in some local shops they charge extra for tourists (without you realising it). Cooking yourself is therefore not always so much cheaper.

Budget for Peru - South America
Sacred Valley

Budget Peru


  • Uber: The easiest way to get around in Peru, in our opinion, is via Uber. Because it takes you exactly where you want to go. For example, you pay about 1 euro for every 5 minutes of driving. Which is very affordable for the service you get.
  • Bus: The bus is also a very cheap way to get around. For a long ride, you pay 4 euros per hour you are on the bus. For a short ride in cities like Lima, you pay only 40 cents.
  • Plane: Sometimes the most convenient and fastest way to get from A to B over long distances is by plane. The prices vary, but we paid 60 euros per person for a flight from Lima to Cusco, for example. Luggage included.
  • Train: A very expensive way of transportation, but one you will need if you want to go to Machu Picchu from Cusco, is the train. Unless, of course, you are sporty and want to hike the Inca Trail. A return ticket to Machu Picchu will easily cost you 100 euros. It’s an experience in itself.
  • Car rental: You can rent a car in Peru from €25 per day (insurance included). Currently, you pay 90 cents per litre in Peru (2021) but this may change. Check this in advance. Note: Prices at petrol stations in Peru are quoted in Gallons. One Gallon is about 3.8 litres.

Budget Peru


Prices for trips in Peru vary widely. For example, you can easily pay 50 euros for the entrance to Machu Picchu. And the way there is not cheap either. If you decide to do the Inca Trail, you will easily end up with prices of 400 euros per person. A half-day quad ride through a beautiful landscape will cost you only 35 euros. So the price of excursions vary. Some great excursions in Peru can be found on GetYourGide.

Budget Peru -Machu Picchu
Sigridofthesun Cusco
Cost for a trip to Peru

What we paid

for 21 days in Peru?

  • Accommodation: 700 euros for two people (All local budget hotels including breakfast)
  • Food and drink: 500 euros per person (almost every day at restaurants and sometimes even the more expensive ones)
  • Transport: 325 euros per person (Uber – Train – Plane)
  • Excursions: €300 per person (without guides and some excursions planned by ourselves)
  • Souvenirs: 150 euros per person (we bought a lot of clothes and more expensive souvenirs here, more than in any other country)
  • Internet: 25 euros per person (because internet is important for our job and because we like to use Uber, we also bought a sim card with unlimited 4G plus a portable wifi hotspot)

Summarized our budget for Peru was 1650 euros per person for 21 days. This means almost 79 euros per day for accommodation, food and drinks, transport, trips, souvenirs and the Internet. However, you can seriously reduce this budget by staying in an Airbnb and cook yourself. You can also save on souvenirs. On the other hand, we only visited three cities in three weeks. Someone who wants to visit several locations will also have a slightly higher transport cost.



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