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When we travel, we naturally take a lot of professional equipment with us in addition to our normal luggage. Because maintaining a blog and an Instagram account means that we have to take a lot of supplies with us. Because a “good blog” only comes about with good material. Below we discuss all of our material that we use for our blog. All this material was purchased entirely by myself without sponsorship, this blog only contains affiliate marketing, so no advertising.

Our material


Nikon D850

Our latest purchase and currently best purchase is this Nikon D850 body. This camera has recently become our favorite and most used camera. And that is allowed, because this professional camera was a serious investment for us. This camera does require some knowledge. So without prior knowledge, we would recommend buying a cheaper entry-level model first. More information about this body can be found here .

Nikon D3200

We enjoyed working with this entry-level Nikon model for years until we felt that we were a bit limited in our options with this camera. And that’s mainly because you can’t change the settings much. This camera is perfect for getting familiar with Nikon. We ourselves now only use this camera at times when it is not safe enough to bring out its expensive successor. More about this body can be found here .

nikon D850 travel reasons
travel reasons


As videos become more important today, we’ve also invested in a camera that can help us do that. And although we are very big fans of Nikon, we ended up with the Canon EOS M50 II camera. This camera is not only lightweight but also provides excellent image quality. The disadvantage of this camera is that we do not yet have suitable lenses in our possession. An additional expansion of our material is therefore in sight.


Our material


DJI Mavic Air

Due to the limitations of the Drone breeze, we decided after a lot of practice to make a new investment by buying a DJI mcvic air. In addition to an excellent camera quality, this drone also has a range of more than 2 km. The fact that you can fold this drone up and take it with you on a trip is just an extra advantage. This drone is a lot more expensive than the entry-level model that we bought earlier.

GoPro Hero Session

Although you normally record videos with a GoPro, we mainly use it for underwater photography. Simply because our focus is slightly more on photography. That is why we have also chosen this cheap version of GoPro. Because for filming, this GoPro lacks a well-built stabilizer for the image. You can read more about the GoPro Hero session here. A good alternative to filming underwater is with your smartphone and a waterproof bag.

DJI mavic

Drone Breeze 4K

Because we had no experience with a drone before this drone, this entry-level model is perfect for us to learn everything. We were therefore very happy that we could add these to our material. But unfortunately we have not been able to make a trip with it yet because we first had to practice a bit and because a drone is not allowed in every country. On our next trip, he will therefore come along for undoubtedly beautiful images. More about this drone can be found here.

DJI Ronin SC 2 (RSC 2)

Today videography is very important. Investing in a good stabilizer for a stable image was therefore necessary. After a thorough market research, we ended up with The RONIN SC2 from DJI, which we bought in January 2022. This stabilizer is very qualitative and yet affordable, which made the choice easy. Attention! Some practice is required.




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