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A road trip through the USA was something that had been on our wish list for a long time. We were very happy when it became clear that this dream was going to become a reality. However, the planning was difficult because there is so much to see in this country. Just think of all the natural parks such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Park or world famous cities such as Los Angeles and New York. So it is quite an assignment to plan all this within a period of two months. But we succeeded. Are you curious what this planning looks like? Then you can find our experiences below. We may be able to help you plan a trip to the USA. It is worth a visit once in a lifetime, despite some of the quirks that the country also has.

Transport in



In the cities, using Uber is often the easiest way to get from A to B. Although we may be more of a fan of the competitor Lyft. They offer the same services but cheaper. The price of an Uber is highly dependent on location and city. We do not recommend Uber for long distances. A distance of maximum 30 minutes is affordable.

Bus, train and metro

The train network is of course not as good as countries in Europe, but sometimes the train is the best solution. For example, traveling by train from San Diego to Los Angeles is much cheaper and faster than by car. The buses in America can also take you far. Greyhound ‘s long-distance buses in particular can save you a lot of money on transport. And of course in cities like New York you have the metro system that is of excellent quality and can take you just about anywhere in the city.


America is a very large country and so domestic flights are a means of transportation that will need regular. Especially if you have planned a tour around the country. Prices depend on distance and society, but generally the quality is of a certain standard which is certainly good. During a long round trip you can always check whether you are eligible for a savings program of, for example, American Airlines .


You can find a Taxi in every city and in New York the yellow taxis are even very well known. Only taxis are a very expensive way to get around. And from our own experience we know that these taxi drivers often do not use the fastest route to increase the price. Certainly due to the arrival of Uber and Lift, we will no longer be using a taxi any time soon.

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Unfortunately, you pay a high amount for healthy food in America. Because America is of course also the country of fast food. Do you go to a restaurant every day? Then this will be a significant amount of your budget, but that might be part of a trip in America. In our opinion, you should at least taste the Dan’s Surf and Turf at BubbaGump once . This is a combination of ribs with grilled scampi. Amazing! If there’s one dish they can prepare better in America than anywhere else in the world, it’s barbecue.

Papers for the US

If you are traveling to America for a period shorter than 3 months, you must apply for an Esta online. This is a kind of visa that allows you to enter the country as a tourist. Are you going to America for a longer period? Then you will have to contact the American embassy in Belgium or the Netherlands. Here you can apply for a visa. Attention! Not everyone gets this just like that. Whether or not you get one depends on several factors. Furthermore, you do not need any special papers because your driving license from home is also valid in the USA. So you don’t have to buy an extra document for abroad! Even though some websites dare to claim this.

Vaccinations for America

No vaccinations are required in the United States. And you get all the vaccinations that would be useful in America at home. Only Rabies (rabies) is still recommended. Although you can also get this vaccination after being bitten by an animal. You can find this vaccine in almost every hospital in America. What you do need to arrange for America is your travel insurance. Because without this insurance, a hospital visit can become very expensive. Some hospitals won’t even help you until they see these papers. For up-to-date information, please have a look here.This may well change with the advent of covid19.


We don’t have to tell you that America is a well-developed country. It is therefore not surprising that you can find free WiFi in many places. Only if you really want to have internet everywhere, for example to order an Uber on the street, will you have to buy a new SIM card. Do not buy these at the airport but in one of the shops you will find in the cities. You can easily pay double the retail prices at the airports. Preferably take a prepaid card with which you can use the internet for free for a month. You can also top up these cards at petrol stations. If you search carefully you should already be helped for 40 euros.

Tipping in the USA

Tipping in America is very common and even mandatory in some states. This is because the wages of employees in the catering industry often only consist of this tip. So keep this in mind when ordering your food. After all, there will be another 10, 15 or 20 percent depending on how well you liked everything. So you can decide for yourself what to give. Attention! If you sit at a table with more than 6 people, the service is often automatically settled! So check your account carefully. You are also expected to tip a taxi driver, guide and the chambermaid. How much you can decide for yourself.


America is a very safe country compared to some other countries. However, you should be aware that crime is also present here. Especially in big cities like Los Angeles, Miami and New York you can have to deal with theft. That is why it is always good to keep all your important documents and belongings in different places. In addition, it is also good to know that firearms are not banned in every state. You may and hopefully never have to deal with that, but you know it. So it is not recommended to walk alone at night in big cities. What you don’t do at home, don’t do it here.

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