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What to do in New York?

What to do in

New York

New York is a dream destination for many. And that is certainly right because this city has a lot to offer. It is here that dreams are born and inspiration flows. The magic of New York is hard to describe, but you notice it immediately upon arrival. A visit to the “Big Apple” in America does require careful planning. Especially when your visit is rather short. For that reason, we list what to do in New York. So that you know what to do and what not to do in this city.

1 Central Park

You can’t visit New York without seeing Central Park. This giant urban park in the middle of Manhattan is iconic. In addition to beautiful gardens, you also have some baseball fields, a zoo, a museum, some ponds and, of course, restaurants here. Don’t be fooled because Central Park is huge at 3.31 square miles. So provide enough time for this! We spent a whole day here. Are you rather limited in time? Then you can also rent a bike which will allow you to see a lot in about two hours.

2 Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is perhaps the most iconic building in New York City. At 1250 feet tall, it was once the third tallest building in the city and one of the tallest skyscrapers in the USA. A must see!

Manhatten Central Park

3 Times Square

Another place you must have seen in New York is, of course, Times Square. This giant square with hundreds of illuminated advertising signs is world famous. This place is very busy but magical. Stand still for a moment in the middle of this square and take it all in. You can even dine affordably overlooking Times Square. If that’s not a bucket list item! For an affordable and delicious dinner, Bubba Gump is the place to be! A restaurant where we especially recommend the “Dan’s Surf and Turf”. This is an award-winning dish consisting of spareribs and grilled scampi. Please note that the waiting times here can be long so reservations are recommended.

4 The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is also one of the most famous attractions in New York. Almost every film made in New York features this image. This statue can be easily seen from Manhattan and can also be visited by boat. However, we don’t think this is worth a visit and certainly not because it has a historical value especially for the American citizens and not for us as Europeans. Also, the price of 18 euros per person is fairly high for just a closer look at a statue.

5 National September 11 Memorial & Museum

9/11 is on the minds of everyone of our generation and older. This Museum pays a harsh but also beautiful tribute to the deceased of this attack. And especially to all the firefighters who sacrificed here. This museum leaves a very strong impression that you have to recover from. This is one of the museums you absolutely must have seen in your lifetime. For an entrance ticket you pay 24 dollars which is a correct price. This museum is open every day from 7:30 am to 9 pm.


6 Top of the Rock

For the best view of New York, you must be at Rockefeller Center. You can even see Central Park from here. A place from which perhaps the most photography is done. For a ticket to the top you pay $38. Want a VIP experience? Then you pay $75. It is best to buy these tickets in advance.

7 Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is also one of those famous places in New York. But unlike many other famous places, this one is completely free to visit. If you have a few days to spare, a walk on this 5987-foot bridge is really worth it. Are you here for a short period of time? Then we would skip the Brooklyn Bridge. You will see this bridge often enough, especially if, like us, you are staying in Brooklyn.

8 Helicopter flight above New York

One of the most unique ways to see this city is undoubtedly from the helicopter. Although, unfortunately, this is not cheap. For example, you easily pay 300 euros per person to be in the air for 20 minutes. Which, of course, is not cheap. Still, we don’t think you should save on certain experiences in your life. This is, in our opinion, one of those experiences. This may become one of the highlights of your life. But of course that is a personal opinion. Are you deciding to do this activity? If so, be sure to capture these in advance.

What to do in New York?
time square

9 Broadway Musical

Catch a Broadway Musical is truly something that belongs to a visit to New York. Only thing is, you have to plan this properly. For example, we had not scheduled this, with the result that there were no tickets available for any of the shows the week we were in New York. Very unfortunate.

10 Shopping at Fifth Avenue

The shopping street in New York is called Fifth Avenue. Retail rents on this street are nowhere near as expensive. The range of popular and expensive stores is therefore huge! You will also find many affordable stores. Strolling down Fifth Avenue for a day and experiencing real New York life is fun even for those who are not into shopping.

11 China Town

Almost every major city in America has its own China Town. But the one in New York is really big and special. In fact, it is the largest in all of North America. So China Town in New York is quite an adventure in itself. With some stores where you can buy the most special things you can’t find anywhere else. Although the biggest reason to come to this neighborhood is undoubtedly the fun atmosphere and delicious Chinese food.

12 Metropolitan Museum of Art

In Central Park you can also find the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Artor MET in short. This museum is every art and fashion lover’s dream. This museum is huge so you need a full day (or even several) to traverse all of MET. An adult ticket costs $25 but is worth every dollar!

13 Wall Street

One of the most famous and also important places in terms of economics in the world is undoubtedly Wall Street. Visiting this street therefore takes you into another world for a while. A world of business, hard work and closing deals. Something typical New York. You can also find the world famous Charging Bull (statue) here.

Brooklyn Bridge

14 Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a beautiful train station in the heart of Manhattan. This station, which has been used as a backdrop in many movies and series, like Wall Street, has a bustle that reflects real life in New York. This place is not only beautiful but you can also shop here in some stores. We bought some unique souvenirs. Attention! You do have to look for these stores carefully.

15 Baseball with Yankees

Sports are very important in America. And one of those American sports you can go see at a high level in New York is baseball. Because the Yankees are one of the best and most well-known baseball teams in the world. Attending a game of this team is therefore quite an experience! Even for people who are not into sports. The atmosphere in and around these stadiums is so unique and cannot be experienced anywhere else.

16 Chelsea Market

Chelsea Marketis a kind of shopping center in Urban style where you can find the cutest boutiques. In addition, you can eat great food in this former Oreo factory. Chelsea Market is undoubtedly one of the hippest spots in New York. The only drawback, however, is that today everyone also knows this place to be. Which does sometimes cause some extra fuss.

17 High Line Park

High Line Park is a unique and special park in the heart of Manhattan built on an old railroad that once lay here. So here the beauty of nature is combined with New York’s skyscrapers. Although this park is very unique, we recommend this excursion only if you have enough time. Otherwise, a visit to the nature of Central Park will suffice.

What to do in New York
Central Park New York

18 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the biggest cathedrals of the world. But the special thing is that this is not entirely noticeable when you see this cathedral. Because this church, located in Manhattan, stands among some skyscrapers more than 1000 feet high. De St. Patrick’s Cathedral which was built in 1878 should definitely be on your list of New York attractions.

19 Lower Manhattan

Want to experience the real life of the locals? Then you should go to Lower Manhattan. Where you have a little less skyscrapers but where real New York life takes place. Soho, West and East Village and Meatpacking District are some nice neighborhoods where you can find some nice bars and stores. For a modern and beautiful Airbnb, you’re always good in these neighborhoods too!

20 Little Italy

For delicious Italian food, Little Italy is the place to be. This neighborhood, created around 1980 by Italian immigrants, contains excellent restaurants and trendy stores. This neighborhood is perfect to combine with SoHo and China Town. Since these neighborhoods are close to each other.

21 Coney Island

Those who want a little more peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of New York City can also always take a trip to the beaches near Coney Island. This peninsula, which also has a well-known amusement park, is easily accessible by subway. Attention! Because on the weekends, you shouldn’t be here for peace and quiet. It can get crowded.

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