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Things to Do in Los Angeles

What to do in

Los Angeles

This week we show you what you can do in the big city of Los Angeles. Of course, this list is usually endless and that’s why we’ve made a selection with our favorites from our trip through this city. We have to be honest with you that Los Angeles was not immediately our favorite destination. But still there were a few fun things to do that pleasantly surprised us. You can do these things best and most economically with a GO pass Los Angeles . What to do in Los Angeles? You read it here.

1 Universal Studios

One of the must do things in LA is a visit to Universal Studios . An experience that you will not forget with many fun attractions, but also with countless shows that certainly leave an impression. The highlight is the little train that runs through the real Universal Studios. Very unique. However, the price tag of 110 euros/person is a disadvantage. Although this is not so bad with the GO pass Los Angeles , because you can then link different excursions to each other. A GO pass is almost as expensive as an entrance ticket in itself.

2 Hollywood Boulevard

Whoever comes to Los Angeles must have been on Hollywood Boulevard. So this well-known street is consequently in this list. But don’t expect too much from it. Although this boulevard looks nice and large in the photo, it is in reality not so impressive and above all quite dirty and busy. Walking the boulevard and admiring the Hollywood Walk of Fame is sometimes fun. You can also visit various museums here such as the Hollywood Museum , Dolby Theater , Madame Tussauds and many others. Most museums are also included in the GO pass.

Film Hollywood
Santa Monica

3 Celebrity homes tour

The celebrity homes tour is definitely recommended. You will not only drive past the beautiful villas of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson, but you will also get to know the beautiful region of Beverly Hills. And it’s definitely worth it! You can also rent a car and explore on your own, but you don’t want to miss the information you get during such a guided tour. It’s an experience in itself. This activity is also included in the GO pass.

4 Santa Monica Beach

You either love Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach or you hate it. And although the beaches are very large and you can also find very quiet places, this was not our favorite place. But it is one of those must-see places. And especially the pier with the amusement park is world famous because of the many photos of it. We were not a fan of this either, but that is more personal because we do not like the crowds. We are repeating ourselves again, but access to the amusement park is also included in the GO pass of Los Angeles. What to do in Los Angeles? Buy a GO pass and you’ll come a long way!

5 Basketball and Baseball

When you think of America , you automatically think of sports and with two NBA clubs (LA Lakers and Clippers) and a baseball team (Dodgers) you have plenty of choice in this city. Unfortunately, we came just outside the basketball season, so we couldn’t catch an NBA game. We have not seen baseball here either, but we have seen it in San Diego. But we think this should be highly recommended!

Basketball and Baseball
santa monica

6 Venice Beach district

Although we are not a real fan of Venice Beach, as mentioned above, we do like the cosy neighborhood with bridges just behind the long boulevard along the beach. Here you can relax and take some nice pictures. Keep in mind that it’s not huge and you won’t spend hours with it. An advantage is that this activity is completely free.

7 Grammy Museum

If you are a music lover then you just have to go to the Grammy Museum . You will not only get acquainted with the past of the Grammy Awards, but you will also be taken through the history of music. With interactive things to do. This way you can listen to different types of music in an endless music database. But you can also play instruments yourself. And you don’t disturb others because they always work with headphones, so that only you can hear your (false) sounds. This activity is also included in the Los Angeles GO pass.

8 Windowshopping Rodeo Drive

In Beverly Hills you of course have the famous shopping street Rodeo Drive. A place where all expensive designers gather. And where you can sometimes spot famous celebrities because they come here to shop. Rodeo Drive looks a bit like Monaco. For the ‘regular’ public, this region is a bit expensive to buy something and even to enter the shops. Every store is equipped with security , which only increases the distance to enter the store. What you can do is window shopping and that is certainly fun enough to do in this district. Although it doesn’t have to stay with window shopping … because in the side streets of Rodeo Drive there are shops that are fortunately affordable.

Beach in Los Angeles
Things to Do in Los Angeles Rodeo Drive

9 Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles may not be our favorite place in Los Angeles, but if you want to see the real Los Angeles, Downtown LA is a must . We see downtown LA mainly as a dirty place with a lot of homeless people, but you also have nicer parts such as El Pueblo Los Angeles which is the old city part, but China Town and Little Tokyo are also quite pleasant. There is even a very small Mexican neighborhood up against the Greyhound station. Downtown LA is definitely something you can do, but if you’re only in LA for a few days, we don’t recommend spending your time here.

10 Museums

Besides the Hollywood zone, Los Angeles of course has a lot of other beautiful museums that are definitely worth a visit. For example, you have the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles where you can even see skeletons of dinosaurs. Or the Bergamot station which is the largest and best art department store in the region. And so there are countless museums worth visiting in LA .

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