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What to do in Las Vegas

What to do in

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is perhaps the nicest city we visited on our journey through America . Mainly because of the atmosphere there, but also because of all kinds of fun things you can do there. Of course, there is so much to do in Las Vegas that we cannot cover everything here. So we come up with a list of all our favorite activities in the city of lights . Here’s our list of things to do in Las Vegas.

1 The comic

When you think of Las Vegas, you automatically think of The Strip. Walking around is an experience and also completely free. You can even do this twice (or multiple times). Because The Strip looks completely different during the day than at night. We especially liked the evenings because you are really overwhelmed by all the lighting. We are not going to tell you much more details, because you have to discover The Strip yourself.

2 Watch a show

If you are in Las Vegas you should of course see one of the many shows. These are usually on the expensive side but really worth it. It is recommended to order the tickets well in advance, because they are often sold out quickly. Especially the popular shows like ‘Ka’ and ‘O’ by Cirque Du Soleil. You can easily book all kinds of tickets via .

las vegas boat
USA Vegas

3 Gambling

What should you do in Vegas? Gambling of course! This is what Las Vegas is really about. Of course, you should do this activity responsibly and not with the idea that you are going to win a lot. Because the casinos are the real big winners… and especially in Vegas. We had agreed in advance to spend a maximum of 20 euros per day in the casinos. And so we did. It gave us several hours of fun anyway. Of course we only played on the small machines for little money. But that didn’t make it any less fun. Are you unable to make clear agreements with yourself? Then simply stay away. Because in that case these casinos are really dangerous. An addiction is unfortunately quickly created in Vegas.

4 Downtown Las Vegas

What many people forget to do is visit downtown Las Vegas. And that’s actually a shame because the old part of Las Vegas is definitely worth a visit. And we especially mean Fremont Street, which at night is simply spectacular with its dome of lights that covers the entire street. A fun fact is that downtown Las Vegas is actually the one and only part of Las Vegas. Because The Strip is the ‘new’ Vegas and is actually located in the boroughs of Winchester and Paradise. Something no one seems to know.

5 National Parks

From Las Vegas you can also easily visit a few National Parks. Although you normally have to plan several days for this. Still, they offer some tours to the Gran Canyon from the city center. Don’t have much time? Then of course you can do this. Do you have more time? Take that time to visit everything. What we think is worth the effort is a helicopter flight over the Gran Canyon. You will also have to book this in advance. Because you understand that this impressive excursion is quickly fully booked. Death Valley is also easily accessible from Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS evening
gambling in america

6 shopping

In addition to the numerous souvenir shops, you also have a lot of shopping halls hidden on The Strip. These are more than worth a visit. Because in addition to the regular big brands that are present, you can also come across special stores that you can only find here. For example, you will find a shop that sells signed items from well-known athletes and artists, such as a soccer jersey with a signature by Messi or a guitar signed by Kiss. Very nice and impressive to walk through. Our favorite shopping center was Caesar’s Palace . Where it is already an experience to walk around in the impressive corridors and areas.

7 Fountain and Volcano

Besides the paid shows we talked about earlier, you also have some spectacular things in Las Vegas that you can enjoy for free. Such as the Bellagio fountains that rise as high as 140 meters to the rhythm of music. This show takes place every 15 minutes. Although the volcanic eruption in front of the hotel The Mirrage is perhaps even more spectacular. This show only takes place at 7 and 8 p.m. and also at 9 p.m. on weekends ( in 2018 ). Very impressive. So it makes sense that these 2 are in this list of things to do in Las Vegas.

8 Relaxing by the pool

It’s usually smoking hot in Las Vegas. So relaxing by the pool is something you will definitely want to do. Pool parties in Las Vegas are also something you simply must experience in your life. We stayed in a slightly quieter hotel just next to The Strip, in the RIO hotel . And because of that, it was a very nice change between the hustle and bustle that you find in Las Vegas and the peace that you could find at the pool. An additional advantage is that this hotel is much cheaper than the hotels on The Strip without sacrificing anything in terms of experience.

Shopping in Las Vegas
Fountain on the strip

9 Going out

You can go out in this city better than anywhere else in the world. Although the number of real dancings here is rather limited. There are many hotels and bars where famous DJs play and spectacular parties arise. Just think of the movie ‘The Hangover’. Though of course you shouldn’t let it get that far. Before you know you’re married to a complete stranger in one of the 50 wedding chapels .

10 Viewing art

You may not immediately think of art when you think of this ‘city of fun’. But in Vegas you still have a very nice art collection in the CityCenter Campus . Here you can admire works of art by 15 top artists. The nice thing is that this exhibition is completely free and, above all, is open 24 hours a day. Which makes it unique. This activity is also perfect if you want to escape all the crowds for a while.

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