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What to do in Durham?

What to do in


During our tour of America, we of course visited famous places like Las Vegas and New York but also some lesser known locations like Durham in North Carolina. The fact that this city is not immediately known is actually not surprising. Because this city doesn’t have a real tourist office. And yet there is more than enough to do. That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to the “what to do in Durham” list.

1 Durhams Bulls

If you are in Durham then you just have to go to the Durham Bulls. This baseball team is not very big but very amusing to go watch. The atmosphere in this stadium is great. We ourselves went to see the famous San Diego Padres once and afterwards we went to see the Durham Bulls. And actually, we found this smaller team from Durham even more enjoyable and also cheaper. In fact, we liked this so much that we went to see it twice. It’s quite an experience that brings you closer to American culture. Tickets can be purchased here.

2 Duke University

Want to see what it’s like at a university in America? Then it might be interesting to walk through the domains of this great university. This is impressive! Actually, this school is a village in itself and just like you see it in the movies. You can also just walk around here without a pass and without anyone addressing you. By the way, there are a lot of other schools in Durham because this is a real college town.

What to do in Durham
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3 Cameron Indoor Stadium

Want to see a real American college sport? Then you’ve come to the right place at the Cameron Indoor Stadium. In this fun gym, you can enjoy college basketball, which is surely one of the most important sports in America. You are living in an American movie. By American standards, this stadium is not that big, but that does ensure that it is always full, making it a welcoming place. Be sure to go on time. Tickets can be purchased here.

4 Walking through real American neighborhoods

What makes Durham so nice, above all, is the feeling of getting to know the “real America” without all the touristy activities you have in the big cities. Walking around the typical American neighborhoods is therefore one of the things to do in Durham. The real American homes and nature that is present in this region makes it very special to be here. It’s like another world. Should we ever move to America, it would be to one of these fun neighborhoods. So strolling around these neighborhoods definitely belongs on the “what to do in Durham” list!

5 American Tobacco

We ourselves did not visit this museum because we are not real tobacco lovers and also cannot stand the smell of it. Unfortunately we can’t tell you whether this museum is really worth it. What we can tell you is that the neighborhood around it is very cozy because outside the museum there are also some inviting bars and restaurants that we did visit.

6 Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way is actually not located in Durham but in the sister municipality of Raleigh and is actually a small waterfall that can be compared to Coo Falls. Although that is not the only reason for a visit. You can also take beautiful walks around this beautiful waterfall. Do provide yourself with a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. Because on the spot there are not many options for eating or drinking.

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