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USA Week 6: Beach and Street Art in Miami



The weeks fly by on our road trip through the USA . Last week we took a little rest in Durham after a few weeks of a lot of sightseeing in major cities like Los Angeles , Las Vegas and San Diego . This week we’re visiting world-famous Miami. For us a destination that we have been looking forward to for a long time. Curious if our dream about this city has become reality? You can read it here!

Miami street art
Street art America

Near death experience


From Durham we took a direct flight to Miami which was supposed to take about three hours. Check-in gets better and better as we take more flights. Of course we often have to transfer stuff from one suitcase into the other (because Sigrid’s suitcase is always the heaviest). But this is going more smoothly and we are no longer embarrassed to open our suitcases at the counter and hastily transfer some stuff. We do not participate in paying extra for our luggage. And rightfully so. On this flight they charged an extra $100 for excess weight. Even if you only have 1 kilo too much. A little bit excessive.

Storm coming

So far everything went smoothly. Arriving at our gate, we saw that our flight was delayed by one hour. Considering it was raining heavily outside and a storm was approaching, an hour’s delay didn’t seem so unusual. This hour passed quickly too. We didn’t sit next to each other on the plane, but for a short flight we didn’t mind that much. Sigrid sat between a Cuban woman living in America and a young businessman. Bryan sat between a young student and an elderly lady. You may be wondering why this is relevant? For us, they were the people with whom we -almost- approached the end of our lives.

Nearly death experience

As mentioned before, a storm was predicted the day of our flight. Flights had already been canceled the days before, but not ours. If only they had… After an hour of flying we had to deal with turbulence. As many have already experienced, the plane went up and down slightly and we got butterflies in our stomach. Nothing to worry about. After an hour and a half of flying in the dark -it was already late in the evening- we witnessed heavy lightning that lit up the whole sky. We had also experienced this before. But a few minutes later, the turbulence intensified. Or was this no longer turbulence?

The plane dropped several meters down, making us instantly nauseous and light-headed. Then the plane rocked from left to right. Everything and everyone was shaken up. The crew was also forced to remain seated and everyone looked at each other a bit worried. Was this still normal? We still had an hour to fly. We also received no signals from the pilot (usually they warn for this kind of turbulence). Now we got really worried.

Suddenly the plane descended so violently that half the passengers let out a cry of fear. For the next few minutes, screams were heard from all sides. The Cuban woman next to Sigrid began to pray. The businessman next to Sigrid held on tightly to his railing. The student next to Bryan was crying. We also had a hard time keeping ourselves together. This really seemed to be the end.

Being lucky

Of course we survived this violent flight, otherwise we would not be able to tell this now. The pilot apologized on landing that he hadn’t said anything, but he was too busy controlling the plane. Thank God! We have never been so happy to feel ground under our feet again. We got lucky.

Miami Beach
Beach In America



After we recovered from this adventure, we went to explore Miami Beach. The beach is miles long and extensive. And it is beautiful! Think: waving palm trees, a clear blue sea and colorful lifeguards’ cabins. Very American and a bit like the movie ‘ Baywatch ‘. Most of the beach is lined with resorts that are also very pricey. Luxury at its best!

Art in Miami

The beach of this city is one thing. If you ask us what this city really stands for, it is without a doubt art. Everywhere you will find beautiful, and less beautiful, street art. You can find this art especially in and around Wynwood . We enjoyed walking around Wynwood several times and were often surprised by top notch original street art!

Outside of the well-known Wynwood Walls, art can be found all over the city. Street artists try to sell their artworks and there are many art galleries. The Miami Design District is home to a number of art museums and celebrates haute couture in fashion. Definitely a place you don’t want to miss! An art lover must have been here once in his life. Even for those who are not immediately into art, it is a nice place to discover.


If you like shopping, Miami is the place to be . One of the most famous shopping streets is Lincoln Road . This is also the most impressive shopping street. You will find well-known chains but also nice unknown shops and of course many souvenir shops.

It also has a dozen nice shopping malls . These are a bit spread out all over the city. When the weather was bad for a few days, we went shopping in Aventura Mall . This is a more upscale shopping center with well-known brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy and Fendi, as well as affordable stores such as Topshop and Zara. With more than 300 stores, we were busy all day long! Brickell City Center is also known for more luxury. You will mainly find designers here.

And if all this luxury is not enough, you can also take a look at the Miami Design District. This is a neighborhood dominated by art, but you will also see all the great (and expensive!) designers here. Very exclusive if you can go shopping here! Unfortunately our budget did not allow this.

Wynwood kunst
Shopping in Miami

Our experience

Although we had a good time during our stay in this city, Miami was not quite what we expected. Like Los Angeles , Miami disappointed us a little bit. When the weather is nice, which is usually the case, everything is fine and you can spend every day on the beach. But if you have a few days of rain, it’s hard to stay excited about this city. Compared to other world cities there is little variation in the range of activities and we had imagined this differently. We enjoyed our time here very much but we won’t be returning anytime soon.

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