USA Week 3: Off to bustling Las Vegas

The bustling

Las Vegas

Last week we were in Los Angeles and this week we are in the famous Las Vegas. They say about Las Vegas ” You love it or you hate it”. Curious what we think of this vibrant city? Read our experiences from last week here!

Road trip to Las Vegas

We traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with the Greyhound bus. These comfortable buses run to and from various cities throughout the USA . They are slightly more expensive, but more comfortable and faster than, for example, an average city bus or metro. The road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is beautiful. You drive along mountains and we even did a piece of route 66! The bus ride lasted five hours and that’s about the maximum time we would recommend to ride these buses. Longer quickly becomes tiring, but five hours is really doable. For longer distances, we recommend a flight without a doubt!

Roadtrip USA
Las Vegas USA

Like in the movies

Arriving in Las Vegas we immediately felt at ease. Before coming here, we were quite skeptical about this place. We heard mostly negative comments about Vegas. People say it stinks, it’s chaotic and small, and so on. Our first impression was a completely different view of Vegas. The people were friendly, the views fantastic and the streets very clean. We were looking forward!

Impressive Hotel

Our hotel (Rio hotel) was just as impressive as Las Vegas itself. It was a huge building lit up with red and blue colors. The ground floor had been completely converted into a huge casino. There were also several shops, bars and restaurants and even theaters where certain performances were given every evening. In addition, our hotel had a rooftop bar with a view over the whole of Las Vegas. We’ve only seen something like this in movies! Our hotel room was spacious with two king-size beds, a beautiful bathroom, a dressing room and a separate living room. And if that wasn’t enough, we also had an excellent view of the hotel pool and beyond, the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Especially at night this was a beautiful spectacle of illuminated buildings, attractions and casinos.

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the largest and most famous street in Vegas. You will find all major hotels and associated casinos here. Each hotel also has its own casino. Furthermore, this street is a mix of stores, bars, restaurants, shopping centers and attractions. And all illuminated with all kinds of bright colors. We understand that some people can experience this chaotic and busy, but we think it’s beautiful and a spectacle! Nowhere have we seen so many lights together and nowhere in the world is there so much to do in one street. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Las Vegas Strip is an adults-only playground.

The strip at night

take a gamble

It’s hard to get here and not take a chance. We have therefore decided to stick to a certain budget per day. We did not spend more than a certain amount and admittedly, this is not always easy. The atmosphere, staff and fun of the casinos just lure you to the machines again and again. The chance of becoming addicted is real. Fortunately, we know our limits and we didn’t lose any real money. On the contrary, we won money a number of times and our bets were always paid back. A nice experience if you don’t overdo it.

More than casinos

If you don’t come here to gamble in the numerous casinos, there are other things to do. For example, we paid a visit to the impressive shopping center of Caesar’s Palace. Everything here is built in Roman style and the shops themselves are also gems. We especially liked the shops where you could buy signed stuff from famous people. The recreated monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and cities such as New York and Venice also give a nice impression. All of this is free to visit and just as fun as walking around the casino! And the best part? Everything is open 24/24 here!

Fremont Street

In addition to the bustling (night)life of the Strip, there is another street in Las Vegas where there is a lot to do. Fremont Street, like the Strip, is a long street lined with shops, bars, restaurants and casinos. Fremont Street is the old Las Vegas that made this city known in the past. This is Old Town Las Vegas and you can tell by the outdated buildings. It is precisely those outdated buildings and less modern lighting that make Fremont Street a must-see . It is especially beautiful at night!

Las vegas Freemont

Top destination

We enjoyed our four days in Las Vegas so much that we decided to add another week. So we’re not going to Washington DC, but stay a week longer in Las Vegas because it’s so nice here. It’s a top destination! So, in our opinion, we certainly disagree with the negative comments about Vegas. To get a good impression of Las Vegas, it is better to stay there for a week or longer. This vibrant city has more to offer than you think!

Next destination

Our next destinations are the National Parks around the Grand Canyon. These parks are a few hours’ drive from Las Vegas and are already so impressive on a photo that we definitely want to visit a few. Next Friday you will read here our experiences of the National Parks of the USA. In the meantime, keep following us on Facebook and Instagram. See you then!



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