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Denali National Park and Preserve which was established as early as 1917, is a national park that has the highest mountain (Mount McKinley 6194 meters) in North America. Besides this mountain, you can also spot some mammals here including the bear, wolf and even reindeer.

Gates Of The Arctic

This park is located the northernmost of all the National Parks in America and is also the second largest park in America. It is only slightly smaller than Switzerland. Here you can also spot bears, wolves, reindeer and many other animals. Alaska State Highway 11 can also be found here.

Glacier Bay

This park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful but also the most difficult to reach. In fact, you can only get here by water or by air. In fact, there is no road leading to this National Park. In this park you will find beautiful glaciers and ice formations that you thought did not exist.


Katmai is a beautiful piece of nature where you can find a great diversity of animals. In addition, this park also has 15 volcanoes, 5 of which are still active. Other than this, this park consists of dense forestry with mostly coniferous trees. As in several places in Alaska.

Kenai Fjords

For some of the most beautiful ice fields in America, you must undoubtedly go to the Kenai Fjords. Although you come to this National Park mainly for the sea life. For example, here you have the chance to spot an orca or humpback whale. Which must be very impressive.

Kobuk Valley

Kobuk is also a beautiful piece of nature where no trails run through, making this park even more unique. Therefore, you can only visit this park on foot, by dogsled or by air cab. Especially the 65 km² Great Kobuk sandbank and the large number of reindeer make this park so special.

Lake Clark

This National Park in America that is best reached by seaplane or helicopter features mostly beautiful mountain ranges. Including Chigmit Mountains, the Alaskan Mountains and the Aleutian Range. And although this park is very beautiful, it is still the least visited park in America.

Wrangell–St. Elias

For the second largest mountain in America, you need to be in Wrangell-St. Petersburg. Elias Park. Although, of course, in addition to this mountain you also have a wide range of fauna and flora. In addition, this park is the largest National Park in America with its 53,321 km². This park is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

All national parks
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National Parks in America


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most famous National Park in all of the USA. And this is not surprising because this wide and red deep gorge is impressive and beautiful! The Grand Canyon is a total of 435 kilometers long and attracts more than 5 million visitors each year.

Petrified Forest

Not as well known as the Grand Canyon, but also located in Arizona, is Petrified Forest Park. And although this park currently consists mainly of a small piece of nature, it is still fun to visit. If you are visiting the USA long enough. Otherwise, it is better to prefer some other parks nearby.


This National Park is also located mainly in the desert but with an ample diversity of fauna and flora. This park is named after the cactus species Saguaro, which is also the symbol of the state of Arizona. A very nice excursion if you want something different from all the other tourists.

Hot Springs ( Arkansas)

In this National Park you can find several hot springs that should have healing powers. And although a hot spring is very special, in our opinion this park is not worth visiting. If you are in the area anyway then this is always possible of course.

National Parks of the USA


Channel Islands

This National Park protected five of the eight Channel Islands and also consists of more water than land. This protected area is especially unique for its great diversity of animals and plants. In fact, you have more than 2,000 different kinds of both here.

Death Valley

For the hottest place in the world, you must undoubtedly be in the desert of Death Valley. This well-known National Park in the USA is also the lowest point in all of North America. 86 meters below sea level. Which only makes this place even more special.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Park is also world famous, which is not surprising since this place is beautiful! And especially very photogenic because of its special landforms. Here you have a piece of desert interspersed with beautiful plantings which makes this place so unique. This place is located between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is not so well known, and that is mainly because it is right next to its big brother Sequoia National Park. Although this park is also very beautiful and also has some beautiful trees, it is not really worth visiting if you are visiting Sequoia National Park. Both parks are managed together.

The gran Canyon
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Lassen Volcanic

The biggest feature of this lesser-known National Park in America is the 3181-foot volcano cone Lassen Peak. This park is not worth visiting compared to others in this region. Although that is a personal opinion.


Pinnacles is a National Park located in mountainous terrain. It consists mainly of wilderness. Which is just very interesting for some hikers because the number of tourists is significantly less than in other parks in this region.


Redwood National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful National Parks in the USA and that is mainly because of the imposing trees. In these forests you will find the giant sequoias which are the largest trees in the world. Very impressive! A fun route to hike is undoubtedly the Coastal Trail.


Another beautiful National Park in the US where you can find a breathtaking forest is the Sequoia park where, just like in Redwood, you can spot the giant sequoias. This park became the second National Park in the USA. In this park you will find the General Sherman tree which is already 2700 years old, which would make it one of the oldest living things on earth!


Yosemite National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive National Parks in America. The beautiful mountains and the beautiful famous waterfall make this park a real attraction. Not to mention the beautiful green nature where you can take the most beautiful walks in the world. If you are going to take a road trip through California then this park is the first thing you should put at the top of your list. This park is open year-round and camping is possible here provided that strict rules are followed.

National Parks in the USA


Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Black Canyon may not be as well known as the Grand Canyon. Yet this canyon is equally imposing. This canyon was formed by a tributary of the Colorado River that made the Grand Canyon. The only difference is that with this gorge you don’t have the beautiful and special red rock.

Great Sand Dunes

For the largest sand dunes in America, you have to be in this Great Sand Dunes National Park. Some of these dunes are as high as 230 meters, making them some of the highest dunes in all of the continent. This park is gaining popularity each year with at least 250 000 visitors each year.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde may be a National Park, yet it is not known for its beautiful nature. But it is because of its well-preserved cliff dwellings where Indian tribes are said to have lived between the 11th and 13th centuries. You can visit these homes and some other ruins and travel back in time. The museum about the tribes that lived here is also worth a visit!

Rocky Mountain

Perhaps the Rocky Mountains is one of the parks with the most diversity of any National Park in America. With highly varied environments and a constantly changing climate. Although the view of the impressive mountain peaks is what makes this place so special! This park is especially popular with hikers and campers.

National Parks in the USA
Yosemite Park

National Parks in the USA



Biscayne consists of just over 95 percent water and can be found a few miles from Miami. This National Park is especially popular with divers. Which is not surprising since you can find beautiful coral reefs here.

Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas consists of some uninhabited islands in the Gulf of Mexico and some beautiful coral reefs. This National Park in the US is named after the many turtles you will encounter here. Which is therefore also one of the reasons for visiting this park.


The Everglades National Park is undoubtedly the most famous National Park in Florida. And that’s probably because of the documentaries about crocodiles that were recorded here. You can spot these dangerous animals here in various sizes. In addition, this park is also just very impressive and special to visit. In fact, moving is done with a swamp boat that is adapted to the conditions.

National Parks in the USA



Haleakala is a very large shield volcano 3055 meters high and also belongs to the National Parks. This volcano is said to be still active despite its last eruption being over 200 years ago. The summit of this volcano is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Maui.

Hawaii Volcanoes

This National Park in Hawaii has a unique ecosystem created entirely by various volcanic eruptions. This park is home to some of the most active volcanoes in the world. As well as the highest volcano in the world which is just over 4000 meters high. Some parts of the park are closed for security reasons.

National Parks in the USA

Indiana and Kentucky

Indiana Dunes

The Indiana Dunes is a natural park that can be found in the state of Indiana. This park consists of sandy beaches, dunes, marshes, forests, streams and meadows. It is very varied and especially popular with bird watchers. In fact, you can find more than 340 bird species here.

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave in Kentucky may not be a park but it is included on the official list of National Parks in America. These caves are said to have the largest network of underground passages in the world. These caves can also be found on the World Heritage list.

Lava national park

National Parks in the USA

Maine and Michigan


The Acadia in Maine is a National Park consisting of mountains, a coastline, some lakes and beautiful forests. This park is also not that popular but that is mostly due to its location rather than the park itself.

Isle Royale

Located in Michigan, Isle Royale is an uninhabited archipelago that looks especially stunning from the air. Because then you get a nice contrast of the green nature and the blue of the sea!

National Parks in the USA

Minnesota and Montana


The Voyageurs National Park which is located on the border with Canada is a and beautiful piece of nature with only beautiful bays, rivers and lakes. This park is sometimes considered the paradise for kayakers and canoeists.


Glacier is one of the more spectacular National Parks in the USA. And that’s mainly because of the mountain peaks you can find here, which make for a beautiful picture. This park is located in the Rocky Mountains.

National Park in the USA

Nevada and New Mexico

Great Basin

This National Park in Nevada is the largest desert in America and is best known for the presence of the Pinus Longaeva. A tree species that could be as old as 5000 years. You can also find some spectacular animal species here such as a cougar and red lynx.

Carlsbad Caverns

Located in New Mexico, Carlsbad Caverns is best known for its underground caves, which can be reached by an elevator that goes up to 200 feet deep. These caves, although beautiful, are not immediately worth visiting in our opinion. Especially not if your time in America is limited.

White Sands

Another National Park in New Mexico is the White Sands National Park which is also a national monument. Which is not surprising since this impressive park consists of sand dunes and plaster dunes. The pearly white appearance is very unique. This park has only been on the list of National Parks in America since 2019.

National Parks in the USA

North-Carolina and North-Dakota

Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains may be less well known to us, yet with its 9 million visitors a year, this park is one of the most visited in America. This is mainly due to population density and the lack of other National Parks in this region.

Theodore Roosevelt

This park is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt who owned a ranch here. The park in itself does not have much to offer compared to other National Parks in America. Still, this is a beautiful and varied piece of nature.

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National Parks in the USA

Ohio and Oregon

Cuyahoga Valley

This park protects 130 square miles of the Cuyahoga River watershed, between Akron and Cleveland. This park is especially popular with hikers who do the 30-kilometer Towpath Trail. Other than that, this park doesn’t have much to offer.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is located around a ruined volcano and features unique and beautiful fauna and flora. In fact, you can find more than 50 different species of mammals here. Including the brown bear and the Wapiti.

National Parks in the USA

South-Carolina and South-Dakota


Congaree National Park contains America’s last great hardwood forest. The forest is very well protected. This park consists mainly of forest and attracts mostly hikers, bird watchers and people who want to canoe. This place has already appeared in several (romantic) movies.


You can compare the Badlands a bit to the Grand Canyon. But with more greenery and of course a bit smaller. Although this National Park in America is best known for its paleontological finds. For example, ancient fossils of rhinos and horses have been found here.

Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park was added to the list of national parks in 1903 as the seventh park. This park is thus one of the oldest parks in the US and also the first cave in the world to be so labeled. These caves are especially special because of the enormous diversity of rocks including calcite. Which, in terms of appearance, reminds you a little bit of crystal.

National Parks in the USA

Texas and Virgin Islands

Big Bend

Big Bend in a National Park that consists primarily of a desert section. Although you can also find the spectacular Santa Elena gorge here. This park is something for true nature lovers because of the great variety of fauna and flora. With over 1200 plant species and over 75 species of mammals.

Guadalupe Mountains

Guadalupe Mountains consists mainly of desert is best known for the largest mountain in Texas “Guadalupe Peak” of no less than 2667 meters high that you can find here. This park borders the state of New Mexico and is currently not very popular with tourists.

Virgin Islands

Another well-known place that might not immediately be thought of as a National Park are the Virgin Islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This “park” is best known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and clear sea. Although the nature on the islands is also definitely worth a visit. For example, you can find some beautiful orchids here.

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National Parks in the USA



Arches is a fairly small National Park compared to some of the other parks. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Indeed, here you can find the most beautiful and special rock formations. Through this park you can walk several routes.

Bryce Canyon

One of the best known and most popular National Parks in America is undoubtedly Bryce Canyon. And that’s not surprising since these red/pink/orange-colored rock formations are very impressive. You can also take some beautiful walks here. Allow enough time for this park!

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef is a lesser known park in Utah but that doesn’t make this park any less beautiful. Because also here you will find some impressive rock formations. Although these are slightly smaller compared to the other parks in this region.


Canyonlands National Park is another park that is not well known to the general public. The main reason is the lack of good hiking trails. But other than that, this is a beautiful location where you can take beautiful pictures.


Perhaps our favorite of the National Parks in the USA is Zion National Park. The hikes you can take here are impressive but require better fitness. Especially the hike to Angels Landing is fairly tough but definitely worth the effort. In Springdale, where you can stay overnight, there is a nice atmosphere that is just part of the experience of National Parks!

National Parks in the USA

Virginia and Samoa


This National Park in the USA is best known for the Skyline Drive. This is a 169 km road that runs through the entire park. The road is especially popular during fall season when everything is more colorful. In addition, you also have some routes where you can take the most beautiful walks. Similarly, the Appalachian Trail runs through this park.

American Samoa

The American Samoa Islands are also among the National Parks of America. These islands are a true paradise with their beautiful fauna and flora. Consequently, many tourists flock to these islands every year for the coral reefs and fantastic rainforests. Presenting a huge diversity of animals.

National Park in the USA



Olympic National Park is one of the few places in the world that has temperate rainforests. This ensures that this park has some unique plant and insect species. As a result, this park is also on the Unesco list. This National Park is accessible in only a few places. So good planning is required.

Mount Rainier

This park is located around the 4400-foot Mount Rainier volcano and is a very beautiful and diverse park. With glaciers, waterfalls, forests and flower meadows. In addition, you can also find some bears, deer, squirrels and other animals here.

North Cascades

North Cascades National Park also contains a huge variety of plants and animals. For example, even the extremely rare grizzly bear is regularly spotted here. So without preparation and the right equipment you will not enter this National Park in America!

National Parks in the USA


Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is a park in Wyoming south of Yellowstone. The park’s greatest feature is the giant Grand Teton mountain, which is as high as 4,200 feet. This park is especially popular with hikers as 320 km of hiking trails can be found here.


One of the best known and largest National Parks in the USA is Yellowstone. Here you can find the famous, colorful thermal spring and more than 200 glaciers. This park has over 2 million visitors each year making it one of the most popular parks in America. Book your accommodation early!