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Mexico has been our dream destination for a long time. When we think of this country, we immediately think of swaying palm trees, pearly white beaches and good food. And southern music! But this country has so much more to offer. We were very happy when we packed our bags and left for this country. To help and inspire you to travel to Mexico yourself, we have collected our stories below in a free travel guide about Mexico. This way you have more information when you go to this beautiful country.

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For the long distances in Mexico, you have the intercity buses. These are divided into 3 categories: Royalclass, first-class and second-class. It is best to travel only on royalclass and first-class buses because these buses travel on the guarded toll roads. As a result, there are fewer to no robberies. It is best to book these buses in advance as they can fill up quickly. The prices of these buses can vary though, so there is no fixed price to put on them. But it is certainly much cheaper than flying. We traveled with the ADO buses and are very happy about this service.


You can also rent a car in Mexico. While this is an easy way to travel in Mexico, we do not recommend it for possible robberies that do seem to happen from time to time. Of course, everyone chooses this for themselves. So if you do consider this, we recommend that you find out which regions you should avoid. Driving in the evening or at night is also not recommended. Do you have an accident with the car? Then it is important that you file the claim before you leave the country. Otherwise, this might cause problems. In addition, Mexican traffic is very hectic and not ideal for everyone.


Same story with taxis . This is a very easy and rather cheap way of transportation. But this is not completely safe (in tourist areas of course). It is best to use the radio taxis ( taxi de sitio ). These are at a stand, not on the road itself, and are a bit more expensive, but there is no price on safety. When taking a taxi ALWAYS choose taxis autorizados. These taxis are always recognized and give the least chance of problems. Extra fact: after 10 p.m., all rates go up by about 10 percent.


The safest but not always the cheapest way to travel through Mexico is by domestic flights. This is a way we often used during our trip through Mexico. Do keep in mind that departure times can change on domestic flights. So if you have to change flights, it’s best not to book them too soon after each other. You can also purchase a Mexipass. This is a discount card for domestic flights (note that you must make at least two to make a profit).

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You can make Mexico as expensive or cheap as you want. You can find all-in plane tickets plus hotel for 1200 euros a week, but you will also find hotels and airline tickets for 5000 euros per week. That, of course, depends on your price range. For us as budget travelers that is too much money to spend on one trip. Especially because we stayed in Mexico for more than a month and spent a lot less per week. A cheaper alternative is staying overnight with Airbnb . Here you pay an average of around €30 per night for a good accommodation. Of course there are also plenty of cheap hotels and hostels that you can book in Mexico. These prices fluctuate per region, so it is difficult to put a fixed price on it. According to our own experiences, we can say that Airbnb has ideal places to stay if you want to travel cheaply through this country.

Papers for Mexico

You do not need to apply for a visa in advance for Mexico. You only need an international passport. You simply request this at your town hall. In addition, when you arrive in Mexico, you also have to fill in a form where you will receive a stamp. You must return this form upon departure, so keep it up to date! This document gives you access to the country for a maximum of 180 days. You do not need to request additional papers for your driver’s license. Your driving license from home is also valid here.


In tourist areas of Mexico you can pay with Mastercard or Visa in many restaurants. If you are going to eat outside this region (which we recommend), it is better to have cash with you to pay. You can easily withdraw money from one of the ATMs. Make sure that you always use an ATM at a recognized bank or in a supermarket. Fraud is sometimes practiced at the other ATMs. Although this rarely happens in reality.


Mexico has a well-developed internet network. For example, you will find a free WiFi connection in the catering establishments and in some museums. In addition, every Airbnb accommodation and hotel has excellent WiFi that is free in almost 90 percent of the cases. Do you want to be able to use the internet everywhere? Then it is best to buy a local SIM card in one of the large supermarkets. You then pay an average of 25 euros for a card with unlimited internet access for a whole month. It is better not to buy this card at the airport as the prices here are easily double.


The nice thing about Mexico is that you don’t have to pay a lot for a meal. Especially not if you try to avoid the tourist zones and eat with the locals . For just under 8 euros you can already have a complete meal. If you decide to cook for yourself, you can even halve this price. This country is best known for its tacos, burritos, tortillas, nachos, guacamole and spicy sauces. And of course these delicious dishes also include a local Corona or Sol beer.


Mexico is a wonderful country because of all its assets that come together. The southern music, the traditions, the history, the food and drink, the traditions and the climate make this a dream destination for us. All these factors make it a country worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. The atmosphere in this country attracts us enormously.

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