What to do in Playa del Carmen

What to do in

Playa del Carmen

Last week we already showed you what to do in Cancun . And this week it’s Playa del Carmen ‘s turn. We also stayed here for a week during our journey through Mexico . The lists of Cancun and Playa del Carmen will probably resemble each other because they are of course only an hour’s drive from each other. Hopefully this list will help you if you stay in Playa del Carmen.

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Playa del Carmen

1 Xcaret

Xcaret is one of the most beautiful parks we have seen. Not to mention the many shows going on throughout the day, with the big closing show being the absolute highlight. This was definitely one of our highlights in Mexico. With the only drawback that this is quite pricey , because you pay about 110 euros per man, and that does not include all attractions. Xcaret does have some little brothers where in some cases you pay less and still get a lot for your money. For example, we also visited Xplor where you can do many daring activities and enjoy another full day of a delicious buffet. You can easily reach all these water parks with a taxi or use one of the free buses if you have already bought your ticket in advance.

2 Cenotes

Near Playa del Carmen you will find a lot of beautiful cenotes that you can visit and where you can swim. A cenote is a cave or pool of water along with wild plants. Which often makes these places beautiful. The best way to find these hidden treasures is through Google Maps where they are well marked. Or you can take a look here where 3 absolute toppers are put in the light. It is best to visit the cenotes with a taxi, which you can hire for half a day or for a whole day. This is usually not that expensive.

3 Shopping Street 5th Avenue

The largest shopping street in Playa del Carmen is also called 5th Avenue (just like that of New York). They are absolutely not comparable to each other, but this 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen is also worth a visit. There are cozy bars, souvenir shops and a shopping center. And the nice thing about this street is the variety between typical Mexican shops and the western shops of our country. For some, this street can come across as busy, but we found it mainly a pleasant bustle.

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Wat te doen in Playa del carmen?

4 Cirque du Soleil

A fun excursion that you can make in this Mexican city and therefore should not be missed in this “what to do in Playa del Carmen” is a visit to the Cirque du Soleil show. Here you will not only enjoy impressive acrobatics, but also delicious food during the show. We have already seen many shows from Cirque Soleil and this one is definitely in our top three in terms of experience. The show you can watch here is the JOYA show.

5 Going out

Playa del Carmen is ideal for those who want to party during a holiday in Mexico. In the side street of 5th Avenu, for example, you have a neighborhood with various dance halls. A very nice and atmospheric neighborhood that fully revives after 8 pm. This city also has a Coco Bongo where parties are linked to a colorful show. Not as big as the show in Cancun but definitely worth it.

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Playa del Carmen

6 Tulum

The next excursion is one that is a little further away. But don’t let that be an obstacle, because this is a very nice day trip. Tulum is a very famous place for its Instagram-worthy bars and beaches. But the main reason to go there is the archaeological ruins of the Mayans. Just like in Chichen Itza, these are beautiful, with the difference that you also have a beautiful view over the sea. Where you can therefore take very unique photos. Tulum is best reached from Playa del Carmen with the ADO buses . There are also a number of other travel organizations that offer this as an excursion, but this is of course much more expensive. This isn’t really located in Playa del Carmen, but it’s worth doing if you’re staying in Playa del Carmen.

7 Cozumel

We ourselves did not visit Cozumel as we previously visited Isla Mujeres from Cancun. And according to many people, this is about the same. But it seems to us a very nice day trip that you can take with the yellow Ultramar ferries that leave every hour. You pay about 50 euros for a return ticket. This island is especially popular with divers and those who enjoy snorkeling.

8 Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza and the entire Mayan culture is impressive and simply part of the history of Mexico. Combine a visit to Chichen Itza with the town of Valladolid and the cenote Ik Kil where you can swim in an unforgettable location. This trip is offered by a number of companies in Playa del Carmen, but you can also plan this trip yourself . Which makes it cheaper, but also gives you more time at each location than the tours offered by organizations. We visited this wonder of the world from Cancun, but you can also do the same from Playa del Carmen. If you still travel to Cancun, it is better to do this from Cancun.

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Beach bar in Tulum

9 Holbox

Those who love pearly white beaches and a clear blue sea should definitely visit this island. You can therefore visit this perfectly from this city. The cheapest and easiest way is to take a bus from the center of town to the village of Chiquilá. From this village you can take a ferry to the island. You can book the tickets for this boat on the Holbox express website. Although Holbox is closer to Cancun as the crow flies, it is easier to visit this island from Playa del Carmen.

10 Cancún

You can easily visit Cancun from Playa del Carmen with the ADO buses . But other than for the beach and the sea (it is simply more beautiful in Cancun), we think this is a bit of a waste of money because Playa del Carmen has at least as much to offer. But of course that is different for everyone and that is why we put them on this list. After all, Cancun is a trip that many tourists like to make.