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Our last week in Mexico is over. Just over a month we had the opportunity to travel through this beautiful country. Last week we could be found in Playa del Carmen and Holbox. And now we made an extended stop in Puerto Vallarta in one of the most luxurious places we’ve stayed. And we ended our trip back in Sayulita, the charming surfer village where we lost our hearts. But what was supposed to be a wonderful finale was a bit disappointing. You can read why here.

Puerto Vallarta

After the magical wedding of our friends Vanessa and Gabriel, we traveled on from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta. This coastal city has enormous potential. Mainly Americans and Canadians, in addition to Mexicans, come here to spend their vacations. Europeans now as more thanks to some direct flights. And that’s a good turnaround because the city has so much to offer.

In just about every street you will find a shopping center, there are cozy restaurants everywhere and there is a wide range of activities and evening entertainment. You can spend a fun, relaxing vacation here without getting bored.

In Puerto Vallarta itself, we mostly enjoyed our beautiful accommodation and the local restaurants. In the Foodtruck park you can eat the best local tacos and on the famous Malecon you can enjoy ambiance and atmosphere. If you have a little more time you can take trips to nearby beaches or parks and botanical gardens. All very worthwhile!

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overnight stay

We stayed in Puerto Vallarta at the luxurious complex Indah by Sayan. An apartment of Maxwell Residences with 3 luxury bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and living room, terrace with sea view and a rooftop infinity pool. Upscale luxury and comfort. It is a home away from home. Each apartment is decorated to a different style but the luxury and comfort are the same. The location is also ideal. Right in the touristy Zona Romantica but still in a quiet neighborhood. We can honestly say that we have not experienced such luxury in Mexico before. Definitely worth booking! Because if you book a room with a group of friends or family members, it is actually very affordable.


We did not choose to travel to Puerto Vallarta lightly. This town is close to Sayulita, making it a perfect base. We met Sayulita in 2018 and immediately fell in love with this charming surfer village. Think bohemian stores, streets with colorful flags and cozy local restaurants. We have not found the atmosphere here anywhere in the world. That’s why we love this little village so much.

The return was different this time considering it is full-on rainy season. The beach and sea may look less attractive but the good atmosphere remains. The streets are also quickly flooded and muddy but that doesn’t stop daily life here.

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At least, not in the normal rainy season anyway. We were less fortunate during our stay and also found ourselves in the midst of a couple of hurricanes. As a precaution for a severe storm, they shut off the electricity yesterday and as I write this post there is still no electricity. And this after already more than twelve hours. A complete blackout where you are exactly not part of the world anymore.

Here we are. Not knowing when the grid will be reconnected and moreover without cash, because we have already gained that on food and drinks. None of the bank machines work and our cell phones can’t charge or rely on WiFi either. Yesterday we were not too worried but today it is pure misery. It also continues to rain so real improvement is not in the cards for now. Hopefully we can catch our flight to Mexico City tomorrow and return to Belgium from there.

Mexico in our hearts

And yet we continue to love this place. Despite the fact that we got food poisoning there in 2018 and are now without electricity. There is something magical about Sayulita and the circumstances don’t change that much. Mexico is in our hearts and will always be our favorite destination. We are immensely grateful that we were able to make this trip, especially during this special time.