Travel to Mexico – Playa del Carmen, Holbox and Saltillo

Travel to Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Holbox and Saltillo

Last week you could read our first experiences of our trip to Mexico . We already told about our experience of traveling back far during the pandemic and our experiences in Tulum. Last week we traveled on to Playa del Carmen , Holbox and we were able to attend a real Mexican wedding in Saltillo. So this week was full of unique moments. You can read all about it here.

Holbox Mexico
Mexican beach bar

Travel to Mexico

Playa del Carmen

The new stop on our trip to Mexico is Playa del Carmen . We have already visited this cozy coastal city in the past, but it charms us every time. In the center you will find all kinds of beautiful (souvenir) shops and excellent restaurants. You can also go out firmly, although we have let that pass us by given the current situation. But we certainly enjoyed our pleasant stay at Condo Hotels here. Ideal for families but also for couples or friends as these properties are located close to the entertainment district.

Xcaret water park

Furthermore, we have worked a lot remotely for our business and enjoyed all the scents, flavors and colors of Mexico. In August it is very hot in Mexico and you quickly need to cool down. We looked for and found them at the swimming pool of our hotel, but also in Xcaret, a gigantic (water) park a stone’s throw from the center of Playa del Carmen.

Cirque du Soleil show

When we first came to Playa del Carmen we saved on activities and complained about it to this day. This time we went resolutely for the best experience and one of those experiences is without a doubt a Cirque du Soleil show . Cirque du Soleil has its own theater and show “Joya” running in Playa del Carmen and that is more than an effort to see. Not only the show is beautiful, but the whole experience. You can opt for the dinner experience or go for the refreshments. I recommend without a doubt to take the dinner experience because the food is taken care of down to the last detail, very extensive and simply delicious. A very nice fancy experience that you will never forget. Highly recommended!

Xcaret water park


An island that we have not visited before, but which is recommended by just about everyone, is Isla Holbox. Clear blue sea, pearly white beaches and cozy beach bars. You can find it all on Holbox. We decided to take a day trip to Holbox from Playa del Carmen, which is perfectly doable with the ADO buses, but we recommend staying two (or more) days on the island. During the day it is busy because of the many tourists and to really enjoy the island it is better to stay longer than a day.

So we spent most of this week in Playa del Carmen but the main reason for our trip to Mexico this time of year was the wedding of our good friends Vanessa and Gabriel. This wedding took place in the North of Mexico so we traveled there last week.

The North of Mexico

More than 10 years ago, Sigrid formed a close friendship with Gabriel, a Mexican folklore dancer at the time, now a licensed engineer about to marry the love of his life, Vanessa. We also got to know Vanessa well in 2018 during our first trip to Mexico. Gabriel and Vanessa are by far the sweetest and most hospitable people we know. They invited us to their wedding and Sigrid was even asked to be a bridesmaid and Bryan to be the guest of honour. An opportunity we wouldn’t want to miss for the world. For the wedding we had to go to the North of Mexico. More specifically to Saltillo near the gigantic city of Monterrey.

Holbox straatbeeld

To the friends in


Saltillo itself is already a big city (compared to cities in Belgium) but Monterrey, where the closest airport to travel to Saltillo is located, is huge. Monterrey has 3.6 million inhabitants and is the third largest conurbation in Mexico. Luckily we didn’t have to stay in Monterrey – we don’t like big cities – but our friends came to meet us at the airport to continue our journey to their city, Saltillo.

Saltillo is beautiful. A real Mexican city in the middle of the mountains without mass tourism or created souvenir shops, but with extra charm. The people are warm and friendly, just like our friends Vanessa and Gabriel. We were allowed to stay in their house during our stay and they stayed with their parents. They even ran errands for us for the next few days and made sure we weren’t short of anything.

Together with our friends we did a few trips in their city. We went to one of the most famous and largest museums called Museo del Desierto . Here you can see real, impressive and complete dinosaur skeletons and learn more about the life and finds of the Mexican desert. Treasures have been found there and can still be found. In addition, we also visited the most beautiful view of the city at the Mirador and we saw Saltillo by night.

Mexican wedding

But the reason for traveling to Saltillo, apart from the nice reunion with our friends, was of course the famous fidelity. Of course, being part of a Mexican wedding is not something that you experience on a daily basis or more than once in your life. This is unique and that’s why we wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. And we have, from start to finish! We laughed and cried, danced, drank, made new close friendships and saw beautiful traditions. Witnessing so much love and sharing this important day for our friends is an experience never to be forgotten. Without a doubt the most beautiful day of their lives for the bridal couple, but again one of the most beautiful days of our lives to say the least.

Gemeentenhuis Saltilo
Getting married in Mexico

Typical Mexican wedding

Would you like to know more about the typical Mexican wedding ? Or are you curious about the differences and similarities between Belgium and Mexico when it comes to getting married? Or are you just curious about all the adventures we ‘experienced’ during the wedding? We are writing a separate article about this special event just because it is so special. This will be online soon! In addition, you can read our further journey next week. Among other things, we will return to the place that captured our hearts: Sayulita.