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Transportation in Mexico



Today we want to guide you through transportation in Mexico. It can sometimes be difficult to travel to a country when you don’t know (yet) the easiest, cheapest and best way to get yourself to your destination. We give some tips to get around a city but also how to travel from city to city. In an inexpensive way but also especially in a safe way!

The bus in Mexico

For the long distances in Mexico, you have the intercity buses. These are divided into 3 categories: Royalclass, first-class and second-class. It is best to travel only on royalclass and first-class buses because these buses travel on the guarded toll roads. As a result, there are fewer to no robberies. It is best to book these buses in advance as they can fill up quickly. The prices of these buses can vary though, so there is no fixed price to put on them. But it is certainly much cheaper than flying. We traveled with the ADO buses and are very happy about this service.

For short distances in a city, you can also use the city bus. This is the cheapest way of transportation to get around cities or provinces. You can buy a ticket on the bus. You can also take the colectivos buses. These are small vans that always run the same route for a small fee. We would rather not recommend this for safety reasons…. Especially in Mexico City.

Trains in Mexico

Although there are many train tracks in this country, this is not a very common way of transportation in Mexico. Many of these tracks are no longer used. You actually only have two real train tracks there that are useful. And those are Chihuahua-al-pacificothat passes through the Copper Canyon and the Expresso-Maya, which passes through Yucatan, Chiapas and Campeche. Children under 12 get a discount and children under 5 can even travel for free.

Planes in Mexico

The safest but not always the cheapest way to travel through Mexico is by domestic flights. This is a way we often used during our trip through Mexico. Do keep in mind that departure times can change on domestic flights. So if you have to change flights, it’s best not to book them too soon after each other. You can also purchase a Mexipass. This is a discount card for domestic flights (note that you must make at least two to make a profit).

Transportation in Mexico

Cars in Mexico

You can also rent a car in Mexico. While this is an easy way to travel in Mexico, we do not recommend it for possible robberies that do seem to happen from time to time. Of course, everyone chooses this for themselves. If you are considering this, we recommend that you find out which regions you should avoid. Driving in the evening or at night is also not recommended. Do you have an accident with the car? Then it is important that you file the claim before you leave the country. Otherwise, this might cause problems. In addition, Mexican traffic is very hectic and not ideal for everyone.

Taxis in Mexico

With taxis, the same story. This is a very easy and rather cheap way of transportation. But this is not entirely safe (in tourist areas it is). It is best to use the radio taxis (taxi de sitio). These are at a stand, not on the road itself, and are a bit more expensive, but there is no price on safety. If you take a cab, ALWAYS choose taxis autorizados. These taxis are always licensed and give the least chance of trouble. Additional fact: after 10 p.m., all rates go up by about 10 percent.

Subway in Mexico

When you think of transportation in Mexico, you don’t immediately think of the subway. And that’s right, because except in Mexico City you can’t take it anywhere or it’s in bad shape. The subway lines in Mexico City are usable though! In fact, they are very cheap, clean and safe. And you can get anywhere in the city with it. The only drawback is that they are very busy (especially during peak hours). Also, be careful not to carry too much luggage! Because once the subway is too full, you can be refused to take the subway with a lot of luggage.

Ferries in Mexico

You can also take a ferry in Mexico. You can visit islands, for example. You can purchase the tickets at the terminal on the day because the ferries run regularly and there is always space. Still, if you want to be sure, you can always go to the ticketoffice to buy a ticket in advance. Be sure to arrive 3 hours before the boat leaves. Because this is expected.

Ferries in Mexico

These were all the main ways of transportation in Mexico. We hope it helps you with planning your trip. Do you still have questions? Then you may always ask us and we will try to answer your question as best we can.

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