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Mexico week 5: On to paradise Sayulita

Week 5


Last week you could already read that we were in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Here we also met our friends whom we had not seen for 10 years. Afterwards, we left for the surfers’ village of Sayulita. It was an eventful week with many ups and downs. Would you like to know how it went? Find out our stories from last week here!

Emotional reunion

For Sigrid, it had been more than 10 years since she had seen her Mexican boyfriend Gabriel. They met as children at an international dance festival in Belgium and have kept in touch ever since via MSN (who remembers this?) and later Facebook and Whatsapp. The bond that was formed was clearly one for life. Every year that passed, we would have liked to meet again. For various reasons, this has not been possible so far. Until now. Puerto Vallarta was the ideal place to meet. For Gabriel and his girlfriend Vanessa, it was their favourite holiday destination and they had been able to arrange free time from work when we stayed there. We were going to see each other again.

We were nervous the days before the reunion. What would it be like to see each other again? Were we going to have the same band as 10 years ago? When we finally saw each other, it was wonderful to fly into each other’s arms! This was a hug we had been looking forward to for 10 years. Both Gabriel and Vanessa were immediately locked in our hearts.

Mexican friends
Statue Mexico

The best weekend


Since Vanessa and Gabriel are starting employees in Mexico, they are only entitled to three extra days of holiday apart from the regular holidays. Because of this, they were only with us in Puerto Vallarta for one weekend. It was immediately clear that they were going to fully enjoy this well-deserved weekend!

With a beer in one hand, a bag of chips in the other and our music, we sat down on the crowded beach of Los Muertos for the first day. Among the other Mexican families, we were the ones who stood out. This was the Mexican way on vacay. In the beginning, it was very strange for us. We prefer quiet, secluded beaches. Mexicans clearly like crowds more. Eventually it ended up being the most enjoyable experience we had here. Since then, we always go to the beach with drinks and chips and music! Are we Mexican already?

That same evening, Vanessa cooked us a delicious Mexican dinner. Homemade tacos and the best guacamole we ever tasted were served and we taught each other a few typical words from our own language. We spent the last two days in a resort. This is where we really relaxed together and enjoyed ourselves. Three large swimming pools and a hotel on the beach by the sea can certainly help. We decided to go out together on the last night and it was an unforgettable night. The Easter weekend (the ultimate highlight of Semana Santa, as they say here) brought a lot of hustle and bustle in Puerto Vallarta, but it was an incredible weekend to remember!

Mexican friends

Although it was 10 years ago that we saw each other, it seems like we have been very close for years. Actually, it has always been that way, but it was nice to get along so well with the four of us in real life. It was hard to say goodbye. Time has flown by, but we know that we will see each other again (soon)! Perhaps Vanessa and Gabriel will come to Belgium within a few years. Then we can teach them about our traditions. We are looking forward to it!


On to


Although it had been a great weekend, we also had some setbacks this week. Bryan lost his mobile phone over the Easter weekend. Probably not stolen, but just fell out of his pocket during a taxi ride. This really wiped out the fun. We never found the phone.

After this weekend, we headed for Sayulita. We added this destination last-minute to our big trip through Mexico. It seemed like a nice seaside resort with a cosy vibe. Here we could really relax.

Paradise Sayulita

Sayulita is truly a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. The beaches there are vast and not at all crowded. You rent an umbrella here for a small price, buy some food and drinks in the local shop and you have the perfect day at the beach! The sea, too, is perfect for swimming if you are looking to cool off in hot temperatures. This is also what we did for a few days, alternating with a day at the hotel pool. Amazing!

In the evening, you can eat out and pass by some local shops and stalls. Many Mexican delicacies are prepared for you on the street, but you can also find more sophisticated restaurants. We enjoyed both and highly recommend going for a fancy dinner and trying something local at a stall. Unfortunately, we also have a slightly worse experience with a beach bar in Sayulita, but more about that next week!

Sayulita sigridofthesun

Last week Mexico

We will also spend our last week in Mexico in Sayulita. We already met some very nice people from Belgium who live here and we will also meet them in the coming days. After all, they know the region and the nicest places.

It is a pity that we will not see Mexico City during this trip, but another week at the beach or by the pool is not bad either. We’re enjoying the good life despite the setbacks! We make the best of it. And we will visit Mexico City another time, because it is already certain that we will return to this beautiful country one day!

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