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Mexico Week 4: Cooling down in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico Week 4

Puerto Vallarta

It is Friday again and another week of our road trip through Mexico has passed. Last week we were in Guanajuato. We are currently in Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful city at the West-coast. This seaside place provides refreshment after the beautiful but hot Guanajuato. Curious what we experienced this week? You’ll found out here!

Last days in Guanajuato

After a few days of illness, we are feeling much better. Therefore, we try to really enjoy our last days in Guanajuato. We visit the local market where we buy all kinds of nice souvenirs for home. It is noticable how cheap these souvenirs are compared to other cities. We will take advantage of it then! In the evening, we also enjoyed a performance by the local student union. Student associations here are very different from ours. In Mexico, most of them unite in a music band and perform typical music from Mexico. Something you will not immediately come across in Belgium.


Flight to

Puerto Vallarta

An hour from Guanajuato lies the airport of Leon where we have to take our flight to Puerto Vallarta. It is a small airport where mainly domestic flights and flights to and from the USA take place. The plane was also very small, as expected, but luxurious. There was clearly more (leg) room than on our previous flights. Remarkable for a short flight of barely one hour. Drinks and refreshments were also included. Nice!

A little annoyed

When we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, the hustle and bustle of this city overwhelmed us. Many tourists and even more taxi drivers were blocking the entrance hall of the airport. We did not expect this. We thought that this place would be less popular than, let’s say, Cancun or Playa del Carmen. We were clearly wrong.

We took a taxi to reach our accommodation. Again, we had to enter and follow the route with our own GPS so that the taxi driver would not drive the wrong way. Many taxi drivers know the hotel area perfectly well, but as soon as you ask for a destination outside this zone, you have to search. Near our destination, the taxi driver dropped us off. We thought we could find it. After 15 minutes of lugging our heavy suitcases, we did not immediately find our rented flat. A little annoyed by the heat, carrying heavy suitcases and searching for our flat, we decided to give up searching.

Just at that moment, Javier, the landlord of the flat, cheerfully approached us. Hooray! He must have thought that we would not find it. He was right. Together we walked to the flat, hidden behind the corner of the street where we were looking. The flat looked spacious, with two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and a laundry room. A little breathing space was welcome. We were excited!

Puerto Vallarta street view
Puerto Vallarta streets

Beach and food

The first few days we chose to cool down at the coast. Lying on the vast beach and swimming in the sea was what we were looking forward to. The refreshing water was very welcome at temperatures of over 30 degrees. In the evening, the promenade in the centre of Puerto Vallarta is really nice to visit. There are endless stalls of local food and it is difficult to make choices. Bryan already chose a local burger and roasted scampi on a stick and Sigrid opted for traditional churros. Everything is delicious here! And as if this was not yet enough, you can also enjoy dancers who give a colourful performance. To end the night, you can enjoy short but powerful fireworks. This was all part of Holy Week, the week before Easter when all Mexicans celebrate from morning to night. Totally Mexico! This is exactly why we came to Mexico so eagerly. Viva Mexico!

Special moment

The next few days will be very special for us. We will soon meet up with Sigrid’s Mexican friends and spend the weekend together. We have not seen each other for 10 years, but we have always kept in touch. This is a moment Sigrid has been looking forward to for years and it promises to be a great weekend. This will be a weekend for us where we might get to know the real Mexican habits and a weekend with a lot of fun, that’s for sure. Next Friday you can read here how it went.
beach Mexico

Destination after Puerto Vallarta

One month in Mexico has now passed. Although we regret this, we are secretly looking forward to our next destination. If you want to keep up to date with this destination, you can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Here you will get the latest updates from us.

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