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Mexican Wedding - What to Expect?

Mexican wedding

What to expect?

Your wedding. It’s the most beautiful day of your life. You want to enjoy it to the fullest with all the people you love. Our best friends from faraway Mexico , Vanessa and Gabriel, were about to experience this important day. We joked about it three years ago: when you get married, we’ll come back to Mexico! You can’t break promises. Because not much later Gabriel proposed to Vanessa and we were officially invited to their wedding. Read here how our first Mexican wedding went.

Getting married in Mexico
Vanessa and Gabriel

The beginning

We start at the beginning. Sigrid met Gabriel more than ten years ago and in 2018 they saw each other again in real life. Not alone this time, but now also with partners. The four of us spent a pleasant holiday in exotic Mexico. A close friendship was then formed and we always kept in close contact with each other.

Marriage is traditionally done early in Mexico. Between 20 and 25 years, let’s say. At 30 years old, Gabriel is a late bloomer. But his fiancée Vanessa is younger. Anyway, in 2018 we saw a wedding coming from miles away. These two lovebirds are head over heels in love and it’s wonderful to see them together. At the beginning of 2020 we received good news that the couple was getting married. And of course we were invited. It was a promise we had already made in 2018. “If you get married, we will come to your wedding anyway!”. And so it happened.

But we weren’t just invited as guests. About two months before the wedding we received a sweet message from Vanessa if we wanted to be bridesmaid and groomsman. Of course we want that, what an honour! It was quite a search to find the right clothing, because that was of course according to a strict color and style code, but we succeeded.

On the way

Fast forward to 12/08/2021. We’re on the plane to Monterrey, Mexico. Vanessa and Gabriel will pick us up at the airport to drive to their home in Saltillo, about a two hour drive from Monterrey. The wedding will only take place in two days but we would like to spend some more time with them. Of course you can’t just make such a whole trip for one day (although we would be willing to do it). And although the couple is busy with the final preparations, we go on some nice trips together and we quickly notice that our close bond is still there. Even more, the bond is even stronger than ever before.

Mexicans are naturally very hospitable, but our friends are truly the most hospitable and sweetest people we know. We were allowed to stay in their house while they stayed for the last time as a “single” with their parents for the wedding. A tradition that we also know in Belgium , but that has not been strictly done in recent years. In Mexico this still happens in the traditional way: sleeping separately the night before the wedding.

Mexican Wedding Party
Church faithful Mexico

Civil service

After church we went back to the location of the evening party. The boda civil (civil service) took place at this location in the garden, which was romantically but soberly decorated. With closest family and friends, Vanessa and Gabriel immortalized their love for each other. The couple was toasted with pink champagne and the party could begin. Then gradually the other guests for the evening party began to arrive.

Mexican wedding : Evening party

The evening party also took place at the location where we took pictures earlier that day and where the Civil Service was. The outdoor location was decorated in an unreal beautiful way with atmospheric lights and flowers. The bride and groom had a separate table in the center of the room. It was more like a throne but that was also justified because they looked like royalty.

The tables were decorated with burgundy satin tablecloths and beautiful flower arrangements. There was also a Photo Booth, bar, giant dance floor and table with personalized treats. Everything in theme and very stylish. Frankly, it exceeded our expectations. If you organize such a wedding in Belgium and for so many people (there were 300 guests) then it’ll cost a fortune. In Mexico it is tradition that the parents pay for the wedding. Most of it even by the groom’s parents. In Belgium you would have to be very wealthy to be able to throw the same wedding.

The couple had also seated us at the nicest table. We got to know two very nice people to whom we are already invited when we return to Saltillo again. And we promised to invite them too should we ever get married.

opening dance

The opening dance was to the famous Aerosmith song “ I don’t wanna miss a thing ”. Very recognizable and moving. But the most touching moment of the day was Vanessa’s dance with her father to the song ” I loved her first “. He sang along with all his heart. Proud but also emotional that he had to ‘give away’ his daughter. Tears of emotion rolled down everyone’s cheeks. For us one of the most beautiful moments of the wedding.

After this first dance, everyone was expected on the dance floor. Somewhere in between dinner all the girls were invited to the dance floor to catch the bridal bouquet. Afterwards also the boys for a swinging appearance through the hall. Similar to our “polonaise”, but more active and more fun. Everything in Mexico is more outgoing, more intense and more fun.

Trouw Mexico
Bruiloft in Mexico

wedding party in


The party itself was even better than we imagined. Excellent food: asparagus soup as a starter and stuffed turkey as a main course. And of course dancing from start to finish! On well-known and lesser-known songs. We danced so hard that the bride and groom forgot to cut the wedding cake. Such a shame because the cake looked delicious. But the party was great! It was very nice to be able to experience this again after two years of postponed weddings and being ‘locked up’.

Although the party was only allowed until two in the morning, it was without a doubt the most exciting wedding ever. With a lot of booze, gadgets and laughter. Mexicans know how to throw a party! The couple also really enjoyed it. Although they were nervous beforehand, this was no longer noticeable during the party.

Afterwards there was an afterparty with Gabriel’s parents, but we kindly (but difficult) let it pass us by. We found this to be an intimate event for close family and friends. Moreover, we were very tired after this fun but intense day. And we were right: the afterparty lasted until the next morning.

Beautiful day at a Mexican wedding

We enjoyed this beautiful day so much. We made new friendships and witnessed so much love. Words cannot describe how beautiful this day was. For the couple the most beautiful day of their lives, but without a doubt also one of the most beautiful days of our lives. A day to never forget. One thing is certain: if we ever get married, it must be a Mexican wedding. Otherwise we don’t want it.

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