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Best traveltime Mexico

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Mexico is a fantastic and beautiful country where you can enjoy a wonderful climate and a very calm and relaxing atmosphere! It’s not a surprise this country has stolen our hearts. After our trip to this fantastic country, we are often asked what is the best travel time for Mexico. And to this question we give a clear answer today. Read all about the best travel time and climate in Mexico here

Best traveltime Mexico

If you start looking for the best travel time to go to Mexico, you will soon discover that you have warm temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. So to book a sunny, warm vacation you should not really rely on just one season. What you do need to pay attention to is when the rain season start. This is from May until October. During this period there can be a fair amount of rain, even though the temperatures are pleasant. Thus, the best period to visit Mexico is from November through April.

Peak season

Although the peak season for Mexico is mainly seen from November through April, the busiest months are still mainly December and January. Because this is when many European tourists come to spend the winter. Also, the time around spring break (American vacation period for students) creates extra tourists who come to celebrate especially in cities like Cancun. In addition, the time around Easter is also busy because that is when Mexicans themselves go on vacation with the entire family (Semana Santa).

Our recommendation

The best travel time for Mexico is different for everyone and depends on how long you want to stay. But we still recommend the months of November, February, March and April. This is because the number of tourists is a bit lower then anyway, so the price for a hotel room and flight is also lower. Remember to always look up when spring break takes place because this also creates extra crowds! As well as Easter provides an extra influx of people. But because of the fun atmosphere this creates on the beaches and in the streets, you can also see this as a plus. It’s an experience. The time around Dia de Los Muertos (in November), is an experience you have to witness once in a lifetime.

Best traveltime Mexico

Fun dates


Mexico is a very colorful country and they definitely know how to party here! So experiencing one of the major holidays can be an absolute highlight of your vacation. For example, on November 1 and 2 you can experience the world-famous holiday Dia de los Muertos. Which is the celebration of the dead. Everyone dresses up and celebrates from morning to night. The best place to celebrate Dia de los Muertos is in Mexico City. Another holiday that is fun to experience is Easter. Because this is when almost all Mexican families flock together at the coast which makes a very unique but cozy atmosphere. We celebrated this holiday with some Mexican friends in Puerto Vallarta and it contributed to a wonderful experience that we will always remember! The flower festival in Guanajuato is also highly recommended!

Best travel time Mexico?

In addition to the best time to travel to Mexico, you also have the duration of the trip. And this one is different for everyone, but we believe that you should spend at least 2 weeks in Mexico since you will already have several days to get used to the hour difference (when traveling from Europe). And also because it’s a long flight (from Europe). We recommend a 3-week tour through Yucatan (which most tourists do). This way you can visit all the cities and Mayan temples in a quiet way.

Special animals

Some people travel to spot a specific species that you can’t spot anywhere else. And in Mexico, this is the whale shark. Unfortunately, it cannot be admired throughout the year, so you should go during the time from May to September. Of course, this is no guarantee of seeing the whale shark. But you could be lucky.

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