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Jamaica is an island south of Cuba best known for Bob Marley and his catchy reggae music. But of course this country is more than just reggae. Of course you also have the beautiful nature and breathtaking (deserted) beaches. But also the bright sun and a very nice vibe that you will only encounter here. In short, Jamaica is highly recommended and above all very easy to reach from Belgium and the Netherlands. We ourselves visited this country for the first time in 2019.

Transport in



You can easily recognize the taxis in Jamaica by the red number plate. So you can be sure that these taxis are safe and reliable. The driver also often takes on the role of guide during your journey. A nice extra for which you should also give a small tip.


Although there are only four airports in Jamaica (Kingston and Monetgo Bay and two in Port Antonio) you can fly from one airport to another. This is a fast way of traveling which also makes it more expensive. In our opinion unnecessary because the buses are of excellent quality.


In cities such as Montego Bay and Kingston, the bus network is excellent. Outside of that, you are often dependent on smaller vans that are often privately owned. You can take these buses by simply having them stop at the road as there are not many bus stops. The destination of the bus is often indicated at the front with a sign. Do you want to make longer distances by bus? Then you can go to Knutsford Express . This bus company connects almost all cities with each other. The buses are not that expensive at all. For example, you only pay 24 euros for a ride from Kingston to Montego Bay. Which is not too bad for a drive of almost 4 hours. The buses are also very comfortable and safe. You can also take large suitcases with you without any problems.

Rent a car

There is nothing more fun than taking a road trip. Still, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, you must be at least 21 years old and have had a driving license for 1 year before you can rent a car in Jamaica. Jamaica also drives on the left as this used to be an English colony. You can rent a car from 35 euros per day for the smallest model. You can also book this through the Dutch company Sunnycars , but then you pay 120 euros for a day. The big advantage of this is that you are well insured and that problems are solved for you on the spot.

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Jamaica is a fairly cheap country to eat and drink. With a budget of 10 to 20 euros per person per day you should arrive. If you cook yourself, you can even halve this cost. Jamaican cuisine mainly consists of simple dishes that are often heavily seasoned. In addition, the exotic fruits here are of course delicious! Some must-try dishes in Jamaica are undoubtedly jerk-pork, jerk-chicken, and pepperpot. For dessert you should definitely try the fried banana!

Papers for Jamaica

If you are going to Jamaica for less than 3 months, you do not need a visa. You will, however, need an international passport that is valid for at least another 6 months upon arrival in the country. A return or onward ticket and proof of sufficient financial means for your stay can be requested from customs.

Vaccinations for Jamaica

A Yellow Fever vaccination is only required for Jamaica if you have been in a country with Yellow Fever 7 days before your departure to this country. In addition, vaccinations against DTP and Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B for a longer stay are recommended. Of course, these regulations can change regularly. So checking websites like vaccination trip is recommended.


Most hotels and resorts have an excellent WiFi network with which you can even stream some episodes of your favorite series. In addition, there are also some internet cafes where you can use the internet. Buying a SIM card is also an option, although in our opinion this is not the best option in Jamaica! And that mainly has to do with the quality and price of the subscriptions.

Jamaica Accommodation

Of course the price of an accommodation depends on where you book something on the island. So you will always pay a little more in the tourist areas. But you can already find a regular hotel room in Jamaica for 30 euros for a night and an all-in hotel from 120 euros. This is not so bad if there are two of you, because you no longer have to buy food or drink. You can find a decent Airbnb from 20 euros per night. Although this is possible in some regions from 15 euros. A hostel may be a bit expensive in comparison because you easily pay 14 euros per night for it.

Tipping in Jamaica

Tipping is not mandatory in Jamaica, but it is appreciated! So give a tip according to your feeling and don’t let yourself be tipped by a guide who thinks he gets too little tip! Because that’s what the guides here dare to ask. The 10 percent rule is often used in restaurants, even if it is not mandatory. Keep in mind that this 10 percent is little for us, but can make a world of difference for the employees of restaurants and bars!

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