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What to do in Montego Bay

What to do in

Montego Bay

Although there is not much to do and see in Montego Bay itself, you can make some nice trips from this piece of paradise in Jamaica . We have listed these trips here. Have fun with this “Things to Do in Montego Bay”.

1 Dunn's River & Falls

The most popular trip from Montego Bay is undoubtedly Dunn’s River & Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall that you can climb. Unfortunately, you can only do this climb with a guide (who expects a large tip at the end of the walk) and usually only in a group. Water shoes are mandatory so be sure to bring them in advance, otherwise you have to buy them on site (this costs about 10 dollars/pair). This place is known among tourists so you should definitely expect mass tourism. This was an experience for us, but the exploitation of nature to earn as much as possible from it unfortunately made this trip less interesting for us. You can book this tour with an organization, but planning it yourself will be cheaper and you will have more time on the site itself. The Dunn’s River & Falls are easily accessible by Viazul buses. This is about an hour’s drive.

2 Rafting on a bamboo raft

One of our favorite trips in Montego Bay was undoubtedly rafting on a bamboo raft through the beautiful nature. In this trip you get a personal guide who is also the captain of your raft. He guides you through the jungle of Jamaica in an ecological way. A very nice, responsible trip where you also learn a lot about the bond between nature and the local population. The rafting itself is very calm and quiet, not at all adventurous or very active. So it is suitable for everyone. You can book this unique trip in your hotel or online via websites like GetYourGide . The cost of this trip is between 40 and 60 euros, depending on where you book this tour.

3 Bioluminescent Lagoon Boat Tour

This bioluminescent lagoon is inhabited by microscopic organisms that emit a bright blue light when you move in the water. This creates a huge light show at night. These tours, which you can easily book online for 50 dollars per person (transfer to and from the hotel included), are really very impressive and special to experience. Tip: only book this with good weather.

Bamboo rafting
Bryan and Sigird

4 Bob Marley Roots Tour

When you think of Jamaica, you automatically think of the king of reggae: Bob Marley. You can also do a tour that takes you to all the important places of this legend. Passing his home, birthplace and his recording studios. We did not do this trip due to lack of time, but this is definitely on the schedule for a next visit. This trip can be booked online and you pay about 90 dollars for it.

5 Black River Safari Tour

Do you want some adventure and do you like a small safari? Then this trip from Montego Bay is for you! Because in this boat safari you will look for crocodiles. And you can even feed them. Additionally, you can also enjoy the variety of plantings on the banks of the river. Very enjoyable and engaging! You can book these tours in almost any hotel (even if you don’t stay there) or online. The prices for this excursion vary from 60 to 100 dollars/person. In our opinion, this price is a bit high for what you get in return.

6 Blue Hole and Secret Falls

A slightly less visited waterfall that is very beautiful is the Secret Falls. The advantage of this waterfall is that you can also visit it without a guide. The falls are made for action, with many climbs and jumps you can make (water shoes recommended!). After these waterfalls you can also visit Blue Hole. This is a beautiful little lagoon where the Secret Falls flow into. The water is spectacularly bright blue which you will find almost nowhere else. You can only visit this place with a guide and it is also forbidden to bring a camera. With this they want to avoid that you take pictures yourself and that they earn money from taking pictures of you with their own camera. Still, this is a beautiful place not to be missed when visiting Jamaica. You can visit these waterfalls with a tour or you can book this yourself with a taxi. Which is advisable, since with a tour you get too little time at this beautiful location.

what to do jamaica ocho
ocho rios Montego Bay

7 Falmouth

At 35 kilometers from Montego Bay you can find the pleasant town of Falmouth. In this town you can still find some well-preserved older houses from a century ago. Something that can create a very nice vibe . This town is too small to hang out for a full day. You can therefore combine a trip to this nice town with a visit to Good Hope. A beautiful old plantation that has been restored.

8 Croydon Plantation

At Croydon Plantation you can find a coffee and pineapple plantation about an hour’s drive from Montego Bay. Located in the mountains, this plantation is also the birthplace of the national hero: Same Sharpe. A man who opposed slavery. At this plantation you will get to know the local population and the way of working and you will learn a little more about the history of this country. You can find out more about this plantation here .

9 Rick's Cafe + Negril Beach

A trip to the famous Rick’s CafĂ© should of course not be missed when visiting this country. In addition to the delicious food and delicious cocktails, you can also jump off cliffs here at unseen heights. Not in the mood for all that adventure? Then you can also watch some shows and enjoy the beautiful view. Catching the sunset is especially recommended! If you are in this region, you can also immediately visit Negril Beach. This is a pleasant beach where you can rent a chair at various hotels or private beaches for about 5 dollars/person. It is best to visit these places with a taxi that you rent for a day. The average price for this is 100 dollars. This trip is also possible with the Viazul bus.

10 Adventure in Montego Bay

In the region of Montego Bay you can find a lot of adventurous things. For example, you can ride a quad or go ziplining. Or maybe you’ll go out to sea on a catamaran? Plenty of adventurous choices. You can book these fun trips in almost all hotels on the island. Even if you are not a guest of that hotel yourself.

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