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The Climate of Cuba

The Climate of


If you are going somewhere on vacation then it is always helpful to know what kind of weather you will have in the area. That way you know roughly what clothes to bring and what activities to plan. To make sure you are well prepared for your vacation, we have listed everything you want to know about Cuba’s climate.

Cuba’s climate is called tropical. It is partly for this reason that it is a busy vacation destination. The maximum temperature is between 25 and 34 degrees Celcius throughout the year, with summer naturally being a bit warmer. Due to the northeastern wind that blows, it can also be chilly at times in the winter months.

Climate in Cuba - city center
Buildings in Havana

Winter Season

Winter is slightly milder but still has a great climate for vacationers. You could even argue that winter is better for a vacation in Cuba. Temperatures are then around 25 degrees Celcius and it is not the rainy season so you will be able to enjoy the sun even more. It also cools down a bit more in the evenings, which can also be pleasant.

Summer Season

In the summer months, it can get quite humid. Along the north coast this is less common as the wind from the sea can downsize the humidity a lot.

However, summer is also the rainy season. Although it’s not a hugely intense rainy season that they have in Cuba. In terms of days, on average half of the days are filled with precipitation where you can expect a few raindrops in the afternoon and evening. You can still enjoy a vacation despite it being rainy season.

A bigger problem of the summer is probably that it is hurricane season. Cuba is not a country that experiences a huge number of hurricanes but on average there are still 1 or 2 that enter the country each season. The south coast and southeast face hurricanes most often. Hurricanes are not a reason to skip traveling to Cuba but keep in mind that it can happen.

The UV index in Cuba is very high on average. Keep this in mind and make sure you are always using sunscreen. Even if it’s cloudy, you can burn quickly in Cuba. So enough high-factor sunscreen is essential to bring when traveling here.

Cuba has the perfect climate for a tropical vacation, whether you want to get away in summer or winter. In the summer, it is important to be prepared for the rain but also for the bright sun. That way, you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime.

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