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Palm trees, burning sun, beautiful clear sea and pearly white beaches describes the Bahamas perfectly in our opinion. All this ensures that this destination was of course at the top of our bucket list . And what once seemed unattainable as a child, now became reality in 2019. Because the Bahamas turned out not to be as difficult to reach as previously thought. Unfortunately it is expensive. Even if you make the Bahamas as expensive as you want. Eating and drinking in the hotel in particular takes a big bite out of your budget. Fortunately, there are some alternatives available.

Transport in the



Most tourists get around the Bahamas via a taxi. However, this is not the cheapest way. This way you pay about 1 euro per minute driven. The only taxi you can hardly get out of is the one to and from the airport. Unfortunately, other transport is not suitable for large suitcases (with the exception of a rental car). Asking other people to share a taxi can reduce the price.


A boat in the Bahamas is inevitable if you want to go from island to island. You will not always find this online. But don’t worry, you can ask at any marina how and with whom you can sail. Because not every island has a ferry available. You will then have to sail with, for example, the postal boat. Prices are highly variable and above all negotiable.

Rent a car

You can also rent a car in the Bahamas. But this seems to us an unnecessary expense because the islands here are not that big and because all activities are almost in the same area. If you do decide to rent a car, you should know that people drive on the left here. The price for renting a car starts at 62 euros for a day (insurance included).


There is not a bus available on every island in the Bahamas, but you can find it on an island like Nassau. You then pay about 1.20 euros for a single ticket, which immediately makes this the cheapest means of transport on the island. You will almost be the only tourist and get some weird looks from the locals. But it is an experience.

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Food and drink is perhaps the biggest expense in this country. In some tourist regions and hotels you can easily pay 5 euros for a soft drink and 25 euros for a simple main course. Taxes and operating costs not yet included. A relatively cheaper solution in the Bahamas is to eat locally and visit the supermarket. Although this is still relatively expensive compared to Belgium. The cuisine in this country can be compared with American cuisine, mainly due to the many tourists from America. You can also find fish and lobster here in large numbers.

Papers for the Bahamas

You do not need a visa for the Bahamas. Only your international passport. At the airport you do have to fill in a migration document, where you also have to show your flight tickets back home. Your hotel reservation may also be requested in some cases. Printing all of these in advance is therefore recommended.

Vaccinations for the Bahamas

You only need to have a yellow fever vaccination in the Bahamas if you are traveling from a country where yellow fever is present. Or if you have been in one of these countries in the past 7 days before departure for a minimum of 12 hours. For the rest, no vaccination is required or recommended. Not even with a longer stay on this archipelago. Due to Covid19, the arrangement may change at some point.


Both the airports and the hotels and hostels in the Nassau have an excellent WiFi network. We managed to stream Netflix ourselves in all hotels, which is not possible in every country. The wifi in these hotels is also almost always free. If you come to the smaller islands of the Bahamas, the internet can sometimes be of poor quality. Or in some cases non-existent. Most restaurants in the Bahamas also have a very good and free WiFi network.

You can buy a SIM card in Nassau or Freeport. On all other islands, the chance of finding a (good) SIM card is much smaller. Prices may vary from store to store. So the key is to compare. In the Bahamas you quickly have to charge 50 euros for a month of unlimited internet. You cannot buy internet per week here.


One of the biggest costs in the Bahamas is undoubtedly your accommodation. The average price for a normal hotel room is therefore 250 euros for one night. Although you also have rooms from 80 euros. Airbnb is also not that cheap in this region. This way you can easily pay 90 euros for a night. Which is quite a lot for Airbnb. The cheapest way to find a place to sleep in the Bahamas is a hostel. Here, 45 euros is the starting price for an overnight stay. Nevertheless, we recommend booking a hotel in this idyllic spot. It’s part of the experience.

Tipping in the Bahamas

The American standards are also adhered to when it comes to tipping. Which means that a 10 to 20 percent tip is customary. This is quite high if you compare this with our habits. But in the Bahamas, this tip is a large part of the employees’ wages. Be careful! In some more expensive places the tip is already added to the bill! There is no need to pay an extra tip!

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