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Documents for the Bahamas



The Bahamas is outside of Europe so as a European you will need some documents for the Bahamas. We list them all briefly for you.

International Passport

For the Bahamas, you need an international passport since this country is located in another continent (North America). You ask for this passport at the town hall of your hometown. Apply for this passport in time because the processing takes at least 5 working days and you will have to pay 35 euros for it (Belgium). If you do forget, you can follow an emergency procedure to get it faster. The emergency procedure does cost you 210 euros. A stamp in your passport from Israel is no problem at all! (unless you come from the USA)

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You do not need a visa in the Bahamas. Unless you plan to stay here longer than 8 months. However, you must be in possession of proof that you have enough financial resources to stay in the country. In addition, you must also already be in possession of your return ticket or have a flight booked to another country. Proof of booked accommodation may also sometimes be requested.

Driver's License

In the Bahamas, your driver’s license from home is valid. So you will not have to request any additional documents. Please note that in the Bahamas, driving is done on the left side of the road. If you rent a car, you will need third-party insurance. You get this insurance automatically when you rent a car from the approved rental companies.

For the Drone

A drone requires a permit in The Bahamas. Your best bet for this is to contact the Bahamas Civil Aviation Department. You can easily find it online. You then need to send some information such as the serial number of your drone. This permit is valid for 30 days from the time you arrive. Apply for this permit on time as waiting times can sometimes be long.

Film and photo equipment

You do not need additional permission for film and photo gear. Also, you can photograph almost anything and everything without a problem. As long as it’s in a respectful way.



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